How To Make Good Connections

What is the secret on how to make good connections? The answer may be closer than you think!

This world is all about connectivity

“No man is an island” is a famous line from “Meditation XVII” by the English poet John Donne, published in 1624.

There are countless examples of connectivity in this world that back up the idea that connectivity is not just important, it is vital to your survival.  Here’s the short list of examples:

  • The relationship of yin and yang shows that the connectivity of action and essence creates everything we see and know
  • Teachers are more effective when they engage their students through discussion rather than lecturing
  • Businesses have learned the importance of alliances such as partnerships, affiliates, even the power behind cooperation vs. competition
  • Leaders understand how important teamwork is to success of their projects
  • Every human body practices connectivity and alliance. The brain connects with the sensory system for data about the environment, what is happening to you know. Your emotions support this feedback by assessing whether it’s a good thing, or not. The brain then supports the body as a whole by assessing this feedback through knowledge and experience, and gives directives to the body on what to do next.
  • From the soul’s perspective, connectivity can change the mundane into a magical experience. It’s easy to slip into effort, worry, and become a slave to struggle. How do you get out of those low, uncomfortable energy vibrations, and get those feel-good moments that you want so much? It’s all about connectivity, a special connectivity that’s marvelous and magical.

How To Strengthen Your Greatest Connection

Let’s face it, while you might direction your attention to creating connections with friends, your team at work, or your professional connections, there is one connection that is the strongest. That one connection can, in fact, influence every other connection you have in all facets of your life. What connection am I talking about? Your inner connectivity, shifting into an even stronger connection of your “self” and your soul.

One of the fastest ways to shift your inner connectivity into a soul-based alliance is by working with others who are practiced, skilled, and experienced in shifting into soul alliances.  Here are a few resources, tried and true:

  • Jennifer Urezzio, author of Soul Language: Consciously Connecting With Your Soul for Success, offers sessions that identify your unique soul languages, and supports you, during your session, into reestablishing a strong connection for your soul to be your greatest support in your day-to-day life. There are side effects to these sessions though, such as greater happiness, less effort, and uncontrollable joy. I’ve seen Jennifer in action, and am confident that her sessions are a quantum leap for both your personal and professional success.
  •’s founder, Kavi Saphali, offers one-to-one sessions that focus on shifting your soul from old, non-functional patterns and agreements. This deep level healing incorporates your right to free-will, strengthening the support from your soul’s alliances, and freeing your soul’s passion in this lifetime. You could call it a “spiritual spring cleaning”. The results are typically feeling less “stuck” and more effortlessly empowered.
Why focus on myself when what I’m asking for is connections to others?

Let’s clear up one mis-conception about focusing on yourself. It’s not about being selfish, egotistical, self-centered, or even being an introvert.

Focusing on yourself, and supporting your connection between your heart and your soul makes a statement about who you are, in a very positive way.

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to meet someone you thought was so cool? What about getting a chance to interview for your dream job? What do you bring to into that brief, oh so important chance to connect? What do you say, how do you share who you are and how you feel? How do you show them you at your very best?

How to make good connections

how to make good connectionsThe more you foster and embrace your inner connection, the more brightly you will shine in this world.  Having your energetic “ducks in a row” let’s your soul’s passion and expressiveness shine through, instead of leaving it to your mind or your ego to “try to make things work”.

Focus on yourself, get out of your head, and let in more of your remarkable soul-presence. Let “you” shine through as you connect with those people who resonate with you. As a bonus, making your soul and self connection will help you maintain and build all those other relationships into something amazing.

This is the secret on how to make good connections. It starts within, intuitively, and it reflects so effortlessly in everything you do.

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