Your 40 Day Mantra Journey Into Summer Solstice

This article is a continuation and compliment of the article 40 Days till Summer Solstice at It’s posting today with a few extra days to spare for your 40 days till summer solstice on June 21st.

The energy is building toward summer, and the solstice is the one day when day and night are equal. Spring energy is powerful in creating new growth, but summer is the time when those seeds mature into something that will grow for tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to set a powerful energy of inner alliance that will blossom into the long light of summer?

devas lakshmiYour mantra is a way to invest your energy to build something that will produce powerful results. This concept is not one that fits well in the world of instant messaging and always-available cell phones, or the instant-gratification that we get through external input, sugar, and other stimulants. Those forms of “instant pleasure” make us rise but they also make us fall.

Spiritual Architecture

With a mantra you are the architect of your days to come. Mantras set into motion an intention that attracts events and people that will support the intention. An equivalent in the “physical sense” would be planning what you want to build, finding the people that will help you build it, and getting the materials that you need. If you want success then you would choose those things that will achieve your goal, not follow every shiny little thing that comes along to distract you. Mantras, and the practice of mantras, is establishing and reinforcing the goal.

Choosing a Mantra

There are many great mantras available, but here’s a simple one I like:

“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmi Yei Swaha”

(repeat 108 times)

The meaning of this mantra:

Om is a sacred sound, encompassing into one sound so many tones.

Shrim means abundance, and by repeating this sound we practice stepping out of our own way and being receptive so we can actually receive what we ask for.

Maha means “great” in every way possible. The goal is not to satisfy your cravings and desires of the moment, but to create something that will enrich and build in the duration. Let’s go back to the concept of growth in spring and in summer. Spring is being a child and teen. Summer is being the adult, maturing and building wisdom that encourages new things to grow around us and sustains us through the fall and winter. Maha reaches up into our higher purpose as well, connecting us to Source and divine purpose.

Lakshmi is also abundance and prosperity. There is the hindu Goddess named Lakshmi who serves as a representation of the global connectivity and consciousness of abundance.

Swaha is like saying “with blessing”, or as noted in the translation I’ve seen: “hail! hail to! may a blessing rest on!” When we repeat the mantra we continue to build upon the energy of the last reciting, in a sense building a bridge between where we stand today and what we want for tomorrow.

When you recite your mantra do so with humility, focus, intent, and willingness to receive what you have requested. As you practice your mantra each day you may notice changes in your thinking, feelings, and the interaction you have with others.

Counting to 108

When practicing a mantra it’s recommended that you step outside of the normal “thinking” ways, and create a focus on the mantra itself, being open to changes even during the countdown to 108 repetitions. How do you assure that you’ve done the full 108 repetitions without “thinking about it”?

The easiest way is to use a mala, which is a string of 108 beads with a bigger bead at the starting point. You gently shift from bead to bead as you recite your mantra, and you will know when you are done when you reach the bigger bead again.

If you don’t have a mala then you can use something as simple as dry beans, seeds, or beads. Use something big enough that you can handle them one at a time. Count out 108, put them in a bowl, put an empty bowl next to it, and as you recite move the “beads” from one bowl to the other.

Journal your Mantra

The best way to see results is to journal your journey. Write out how you feel today, what you want, why you want it, and anything else you can think of writing. Go with the flow! Each day you can add more notes, and you can either review your original notes or choose to wait until the end of your 40 day mantra series. Going back you may be totally blown away as you see how much change has occured during this time.

Roadblocks to Mantras

Sometimes we hit roadblocks, and that’s just a part of life. If you miss a day please do continue. You can add a day, or simply do a morning and evening session to catch up.

If you find strong emotions or thoughts that fight against your practice of the mantra you have likely come across a block that inhibits your growth. There are two paths you can take: 1) Accept the block and live within it’s limitations; or, 2) Choose to “face the lion” and find the purpose and present-day value contained in that roadblock. Our own roadblocks can leave us spinning, unable to see the forest through the trees. A spiritual-clarity session will give you a clear, non-judgmental look at the block that is affecting you, and will provide you with a perspective that helps you transend past the block and empowers you for today.

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