The Secret Intuitive World Of Fables

Aesop-fablesFables have entertained and taught us since the early days when Aesop shared creative ideas in the 4th century. The word fable, derived from the latin word fabula, has been used in many ways.

A Fable is primarily a short story, but a very special type of story. Fables were filled with intuitive meaning. The characters in a fable could be an animal or even an inanimate object, or people with extraordinary, supernatural abilities. Fables were not true stories, but contained certain “truths” woven between the words. Legends and myths were also shared through fables.

Today our lives are filled not just with the spoken stories, but video, bringing even more imagery to life. Will the use of video, and the internet, bring the fable back on a whole new level?

This video, called Kin, is the first in a series, and is available on Vimeo. What are your thoughts, do you feel this story holds intuitive meaning? A fable, by definition, is a spoken story, but this story has no words. How does this style of presenting a story inspire finding your own personal, intuitive meaning?

KIN from KIN on Vimeo.

Thank you to the creators for sharing this wonderful video on Vimeo! Ready for another in the Kin series?

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