Resolutions and Why Some Things Never Change

Time again for another round of resolutions. How many resolutions have been made, and how many have completed? Are all resolutions meant to be? It’s true, some things never change. Don’t get me wrong, this statement is not about failed resolutions. Our intent today is to capture the spirit of an ability that is often left for New Years Eve: the practice of making resolutions.

No matter what day it is, no matter whether it is the end of one year, the start of another or the mid point between the two, you have the ability to turn your attention to how you apply your energies in life.

This story comes from a book called Unity Pulpit, printed in 1884. The image, that’s 1904. Times do change, right?

The New Year: What shall we Do with It?

“As we stand, then, facing the new year, we are like the sculptor with mallet and chisel before a block of marble. We can shape it, we say, into what we will.

No: because, as I have illustrated to you, the past has modified our ability and our desire. But we can try to shape it to something noble and grand.

The sculptor cannot shape his marble into what he will, but into what he is able to produce,— into what his skill and training and fine insight and noble power are capable of. Let us consider its possibilities under this figure of the sculptor with his block of marble.

White possibility! Before thee now,
With chisel and with mallet in my hand,
A musing artist, hesitant I stand,
And wonder with what shape I’ll thee endow,—
A grand Athene, with majestic brow;

A raging Fury, with her flaming brand;
Diana, leading on her huntress band;
Or sea-nymph sporting round some rippling prow ?

Or shall I carve out Aphrodite fair,
Who melteth with her eyes the hearts of men ?

Or, better yet, I’ll make a Victory,
Whose upward look shall rouse men from despair,
Discouraged souls thrill with new hope again,
And give them strength to do and bear and be!

See then that ye walk circumspectly not as fools but as wise redeeeming the time Ephrs1ans v 15″

Resolutions and Why Some Things Never Change

Satterfield_cartoon_on_New_Year's_Resolutions_(1904)Mankind is filled with attributes, one is the ability to reason, another the ability to choose. You are able to question, accept, or reject our own thoughts, our inner beliefs, and the stories you were told.

Isn’t it funny that stories used to be snippets of wisdom that were passed on around the night campfire in ancient times?  What do you have today, to help you get a picture of the world and its meaning? It seems like today the stronger balance of stories we hear are half truths spun by the media and marketing and empty promises.

Turning back to who you are, what you believe in, some things never change.

Who would possible say that you would it be the chisel, or would you be the marble?

The secret is to know enough about who you are and what you believe in, so that you know what needs to change and why some things should never change. That sounds a little defeating, doesn’t it, the idea that some things never change. It’s all perspective. Some things are about the marble, and some are about the chisel. It’s all about where you stand and how you look at our lives and your creations.

Some things never change

  • Imagination
  • Spiritual Freewill
  • The ability to find intuitive meaning
  • Our imagination
  • The power to transform from thought to action
  • The right to choose
  • Our faith
  • The power of integrity

Some things never change, and rightly so. Which of your abilities, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and actions are the chisel in your life? Which are the marble you are recreating before your very eyes?

A wise artist once said, when asked how he created his masterpieces, “I only chip away what doesn’t fit”. Some thing change, and some things never change, and there in the middle we live.

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