7 Powerful Affirmation and Resolution Tools

This article is part two of the series “Affirmations For The Greater Good”. If you haven’t read part one you can click here for part one: Affirmations For The Greater Good.

What is the Purpose of Affirmations?

The idea behind using an affirmation is to get results, but taken deeper, what is the purpose of those results? Maybe the roots go only as deep as a desire for more money or something else we might see as the key to our happiness. No good, no bad, simply something to make us happy. But getting what we want isn’t always what is best for us, deep down. Knowing in your head is different than knowing in your heart, and you true voice will win every time.

Affirmations can go much deeper than a “want”. You don’t always know what the future holds, or the direction your life can take. Your perspective, right now, is designed to be focused on today’s conditions, experience, and needs. Sure, you can set goals, and should continue to do so, but sometimes you have to step out of “controlling” your life, and open yourself to new ideas and directions.

The Magnetic Power of Success

Success is magnetic because it is steeped in energy, and energy is power. We all want success, not for the fame and fortune but for the personal power and the clearer pathway shown to us so we can create tomorrows success.

Greater good affirmations give you a method to create a neural pathway between what you have today, where you want to go, and your ability to bridge between the two.

Building Bridges

While resolutions may deal with something you’re ready to change, and affirmations focus more on something you want to create, there is a middle. It is you. You are the bridge between what you have, who you are, and where you are going. It’s also not all about you. There are tools to help you manage your thoughts, narrow down your choices, and find the resources you need to make it happen.

7 Powerful Affirmation and Resolution Tools on IntuitiveMeaning.com

7 Powerful Affirmation And Resolution Tools

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