One World – Restoring the Meaning of Christmas

Today you can find more unity of the world through our multi-cultural communities. People gather to right what they believe is an injustice, to fight for real food, and the health and welfare of the people that make this world matter. We see events in the world as they happen, and offer aid in times of disaster. We see acts on an individual, cultural, and government level that diminish and isolate, creating chasms between its people. Division never lasts, even a droplet of water will eventually reconnect with its kind: by river or sea, or unseen, as vapor. It is no different for the souls who inhabit this earth, each walking in their own footsteps, but all sharing life.

Celebrating the Christmas Season

Merry Christmas – we find it nearly illegal to say such words today in the schools, in business, or in our public places. The term Christmas is strongly associated with christianity, and the practice of one religion. On the other hand, the “season” has been a time of gathering, prayer, and celebration  long before Christianity ever existed.

What is this time of celebration? The expression Yule-tide originated in the the scandinavian region, and during this time the light was meant to remain lit throughout the days of Yule-tide. With Hanukkah we see the candles that burn bright. Christianity has the Advent wreath with five candles, the fifth being lit on Christmas day. Each has its own significance, yet doesn’t the underlying meaning not lead us all to the same place?

meaning of christmasThe Meaning of Christmas

During this season we have opportunity to shed a little light, both individually and as community, culture, and religion. In olden days this time of the year was one of the few times when men laid down their swords. It was a time that bridged the bounty of the labors of the year prior to hope for the upcoming springtime as the solstice brought us the return of the light. This time of year was a time of gathering in peace and joy.

One World

During this time we turn to our own traditions, but we can bring honor to the traditions that brings other cultures and communities together as well. We are one world, we are all native, and we each add a different harmony to our global song. Let this time be one of peace and coexistence, and may this time carry us into the new year with a stronger sense of collective purpose.

What is the meaning of Christmas? Looking beyond the stories, the faces, and the dogma created over time, what is it’s intuitive meaning?  The meaning of Christmas turns to celebrating spirit, an opportunity to shift from an old belief. It is about awareness, awakening from the patterns we form around you, freeing you from the invisible shell of mediocrity. That shell of mediocity or “everyday-ness”, if left as your focus, can become your view point of the world. What about the spirit side? Spirit you cannot see, but you can feel within your heart.

Today is not a day to exclude, making the day only about the “right” way to think, or “right” things to do. Today is a day to celebrate life, love, and community.

May we offer a thought: no matter what you call it, no matter who you share it with, open your heart and mind to include the spirit of the holiday season.

Happy Holidays to all from

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Image provided through Wikimedia commons. The Oil painting The Adoration of the Shepherds was painted between 1500 and 1535 by the Italian painter and architect Bartolomeo Suardi, best known as Bramantino. It belongs to the art collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

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