Is Christmas Ho Ho Ho or Holy?

The Christmas season is one of the longest running holiday’s of the year, making it more of a season than a day. Christmas itself has deep intuitive meaning, but you and I also focus on the more playful side of gift giving. Which focus should we have about the Christmas season, should our focus be on the ho-ho-ho, or on the holy side?

The Holy Side of Christmas

You know that Christmas is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and you’ve learned of his acts and teachings during his brief time in this world. What have you and I gained from his presence? A greater appreciation of life, stronger values, and an glimmer of seeing that we are spirit?

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The Ho-Ho-Ho Side of Christmas

Christmas giving and the act of giving presents goes back many centuries. One story, the story of Saint Nick, concluded when Saint Nick secretly gifted a man and his family many coins to help them during difficult times. We have many examples of sharing in our world about tithing and donating.

Despite the commercial side of Christmas you can still have a spark of the spirit of Christmas this season. How do you do that? Simply by shifting the focus. A little “ho-ho-ho” can make a world of difference in mood, thought, and actions.

  • Think of one thing you can actually do that is an act of giving. It doesn’t have to be material, you can give a smile, open a door, or wave another car in front of you.
  • Who have you not called in a while?  Sharing is another part of the holiday season, and there is still time to jot down a note and send a photo.
  • Offer a little kindness.. to yourself!  Have a relaxing bath, go to sleep a little earlier one night. Drink enough water to keep you hydrated. Take a walk.

What about the Holy side of Christmas?

  • Spend a moment in silence.
  • Focus on the simple thought that you have been granted an opportunity to live a life.
  • Take a breath, and let all the everyday stuff “let go”, and just “be” for a minute
  • Look around at those you have within your circle. They too are souls, here to experience life.
  • Send a “thank you”, from the heart, for everything that makes your life what it is.
  • Let your eyes say “I appreciate you” to everyone, and if you feel some resistance toward a certain somebody, find something you can appreciate. You’d be surprised at the energy shift a little light-hearted appreciation can make!

Share your comments, ideas, and stories about your amazing energy shifting results!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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