Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Halloween Legend

Mirror mirror on the wall. We all know those words from the story Snow White. This story has been told again and again, etched into our lives by films ranging from the seemingly innocent Disney version of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, or the oh-so-delicious looks and evil abuse of power brought to life by Charlize Theron in Snow White and The Huntsman. Ah, movies give us the chance to embrace some of the darker side, and fight the good fight without being on the front lines!

So what about this whole “mirror mirror” bit? Where did it come from, what has been associated with the mirror, and what does that mean to us in our world today?

Mirror Mirror

Ah, the mirror. Looking back in history, the mirror was a wonderful discovery. But imagining the first time someone encounters a mirror?  There is wonder, recognition, as major shift in perception. It is one thing for a child to experience their encounters, something embraced with smiles and certainty from their adult.

What if you were back in those earlier days with mirrors, given the crude early starts? Would you be startled or frightened by an image of something that “mirrored” your movements and facial expressions? I think I would have gone through a major learning curve on the threat presented by this “other person”, shadowing me in every move I make. Let the creepy music begin!!

Seen in a mirror that cannot be seen otherwise?

halloween mirror mirror witchIt may seem just as creepy that some people would think that something that cannot be seen directly by the human eye could be seen by looking in a mirror.

The images come from early 1900’s. They express a thought that there are things that can be seen in mirrors that cannot be seen otherwise. This reminds me of a moment within my childhood when I had somehow been presented with an idea that in a dark room, holding a candle in front of a mirror, that you would see the devil standing behind you. As much as I know now, and have positive, holistic influence in my life, the idea of that exercise creeps me out. Why would people do something like this? Was it something dark, were they dipping into the “dark side”, or were they maybe looking for something in themselves that they couldn’t quite see or accept as being within their own power. The future is beyond our reach, and yet to be seen?

Tapping into the dark side

I came from a “normal” christian family. We went to church, had our dose every week of the good way of living to try to keep us on the right path. Sure, there were family secrets, things that were not shared with the world, but that’s the way it is.

We grew up being told what we were supposed to be, and punished when we did things that were wrong. Everything had it’s place, and I guess to sum it up in a simplified way, we were taught to think and act in a good way. Anything dark, creepy, our outside the safe and accepted was pushed into the background, hidden away.

Somehow we managed to bring some creepy things into our protected little family space. Someone brought in a Ouija Board Game, and the stories of the darkness, invoking dark spirits were shared while at the same time our fingers were on the planchette, seeking answers to our questions. I’m not sure how or why I was told the story about the dark things you would see by standing in a dark room with a candle, in front of a mirror. No, I didn’t try it, just too creepy.

Let’s face it, sometimes we like our creep shows. For the most part you know its not real. It feels very real, scary, thrilling, but easy enough to detach from. Why are thrillers and horror movies so popular?

What if we translate the creep show into more generic terms, maybe you could say “we LOVE our drama!!”  What better chance to make choices, choose what seems right, and channel your energy!!  Theatrics, make believe, entertainment (and yes media), all give you a place to vent some of the energy you have had to hold inside all day, all week, maybe for years. Stories can be a way to get back into a better space.  Drama, drama.. maybe that explains why we love things like halloween and scary legends.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.. who will I marry?

Here’s another perspective.  What is also depicted in these really old postcards, and this whole mirror mirror thing, is that some supernatural force would show you something about your future. Doesn’t that imply that your life is by destiny, not by choice?

Is it destiny, something pre-designed and meant to happen? Could that look into the future be a look into your own creative makings, looking into something that you have designed to bring into your life? I have heard from an amazing intuitive who counsels people into refining their energetic “creations”. She has seen them change not just their future but also their past “energy signatures” effortlessly and instantly by one or two simple shifts in their perception in the present moment. It’s like taking a blurry image and bringing it into focus.

What is ironic is that I can totally relate to that story about energy shifts now, all from my own experience while writing this story. The images for this post looked great, but they suddenly became blurry when I added them to this article. Why? What was happening, why were things going wrong? I searched, blaming the problem on my browser, my theme, the source of the images, everyone and anyone could have been the problem, right? I felt powerless, frustrated, and my whole life was ruined (drama, drama.. right?). I did a little testing and realized that my photo optimizer for the site had an update that had not been installed. One quick update and everything changed, and whatever was broken, and everything came back into focus. Yes, art mirrors life, life mirrors life, and so on. One small “fix” made everything better. I get it now.

Here are some interesting questions to ponder after reading this article. It’s amazing how a couple of 100+ year old postcards can promote a great intuitive insight!

  • Do you ever look outside to find your own answers? What do you actually get in return? Was it something created by some unseen force, and forced upon you? Hmm.. how did that work out?  Maybe when you looked outside of yourself, seeking your own answers, you were really looking for something to reflect who you are, and what you believe in right back to you?
  • Sometimes you have to let go of something that no longer works, so you can get back on track and find your groove again. I had to find that out through software, but it helped me relate even better to the whole intuitive thing. Hearing the story, and being able to relate through experience brings you to a whole new level.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I find my clarity? By looking at my own reflection?  Ah, I see!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Halloween Legend © 2014 Dennis Finn. About the author: Dennis Finn writes articles about products in the metaphysical and spiritual consciousness arena.

Images in this article are 1904 and 1920 postcards found through wiki-media. The witch silhouette in the background is amusing!

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