Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and Intuitive Meaning

The third of four Blood Moon total lunar eclipse is about to take place. What exactly is a Blood Moon, what meaning does it hold, and how can you turn this celestial event into a personal healing?

NASA image of cycle of a blood moon lunar eclipse

Blood Moon

What exactly is a Blood Moon? It sounds a little bit gruesome, doesn’t it?

In these days when our entertainment includes the scary thrill of zombies and vampires, a blood moon fits right in! No, the blood moon isn’t about anything evil, and it is not about the apocalypse.

The reddish color of a blood moon, a total lunar eclipse is actually created by the reflection of the sunrises and sunsets. This in itself can be reflected back to you and me, in our ability to create an illusion from the moments of the past. More on that later.

Legends of the Blood Moon

In earlier times the feminine side was honored far greater than it is today. Looking back, the ability to give birth was sacred. Anything associated with this ability of giving life was treasured. In those times of much shorter life spans, and higher infant mortality, it’s easy to understand how much more appreciation there would be for life in itself, especially when the odds were stacked against us.

tetrad blood moonWhat about in these times? It seems we may have plateaued on our management of our own power and energy, at least by the standards and methods we’ve come to know. Entertainment is a reflection of our cultures, politics, and every other aspect of our lives. Now we have zombies and vampires coming to life, at least on the screen. Less is given in the form of honoring life. More emphases is placed on the rights and “feelings” of those who rob others of their life.

Could a blood moon be a sign that it is time to rethink and revisit our own use of power? That could be debated for decades. Instead, let’s focus on the blood moon being an opportunity to tune in, revisit, and release those things that distance us from our own honor and life experience.  Make it a personal experience, and you have within your control every aspect of your perceptions and value.

Blood Moon Healing

First let’s look at the qualities of the moon and this celestial event:

  • The impact the moon has on us, visually, is reflective.
  • A full moon brings a reflective light to us, in the darkness of night.
  • A lunar eclipse is simply an illusion.
  • The occurrence of a blood moon is rare, giving it more impact on our thoughts (and even our actions).
  • A total lunar eclipse is created through alignment of the sun, earth, and the moon.

How can you use this celestial event of a blood moon and total lunar eclipse as a healing and evolutionary event?

  • You have already begun by reading this far into this article. You may not recognize it, at least all the time, but you can do a lot of self healing and growing through your ability to reflect. How do you make this the most productive step? By interacting with your own thoughts and memories as a leader and creator. It’s not a game of battling with your own inner vampires and zombies, engaging in the fight, yet again. It’s about recognizing that you are here to experience and gain wisdom, and letting go of those things that no longer serve you.
  • Still like to battle it out with those zombies and vampires? Let’s reflect on the superpowers that you have that don’t take brut force. Compassion, acceptance, forgiveness are only a few of the tools you have for clearing the way to your next creative level of self-empowerment. Remember the old vampire legions: when the sun comes up you can stand back and watch as that vampire loses its power. Use a little of your own light, and don’t discount the source of that light. A nice sunny day is great, but there is also that cool reflective light from the moon in it’s many phases, and the glow of redness in today’s blood moon eclipse.

All this talk about zombies and vampires may seem more like fantasy thrillers than spirituality. The way I see it, self empowerment and healing can come from anything our outrageously create minds can imagine. Our ongoing challenge is seeing the difference between living the story, or living as self.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and Intuitive Meaning © 2014 Kavi Saphala.

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