The Spiritual Meaning of the Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Venus_and_Jupiter_conjunctionAugust 18th, 2014 there will be a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Okay, what does that mean? The two planets will appear in the early morning sky much closer together than typically seen.

Venus and Jupiter – A match made in Heaven!

In Astrology a conjunction of venus and jupiter is a really, really good thing.

Venus is all about relationships, romance, money and pleasure. Mix in some jupiter to enhance all those delicious venus qualities and you have magic.

People born with venus and jupiter less than a degree apart have an huge heart, but can also have a rather hefty appetite for the finer things in life.

Are you an incurable romantic? Do you appreciate the finer things in life, sometimes a little bit more than your finances can handle? These are some of the traits this powerful venus and jupiter relationship.

Enjoying the energy of the Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Speaking for myself, even though my chart doesn’t give me this conjunction of venus and jupiter, that doesn’t stop me from inviting a little of that energy into my life. Let’s give a little time to both sides of the coin, the good and the bad of this astrological relationship.

One word comes to mind: decadent. This word by definition talks about a moral or cultural decline. I’d say we have a lot of decadence in this world today, individuals and corporations who would care little about the aftermath of their greedy take. Decadence isn’t new, it’s talked about in the bible. Yes, we are warned about the destruction caused by becoming caught up in pleasure. We’ve seen a few celebrities who’ve paid for their “over exuberance”. You have to keep your head on straight, but at what price? Life should be filled with moments that you appreciate, not just hard work, right?

Meditation Moment in the light of Venus and Jupiter

How about a little healing release?  imagine the heaviness of any decadent moments to release from your heart, your head, and your emotions. There is nothing wrong with being pampered sometimes, enjoying something good in life. But there is balance. The only way to gain control over your decadence is to have balance between your playful side and your serious side, and own them both.

Reassure your “control center” that you’re only spending a moment with this Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, and during this moment you will be at peace with no guilt, remorse, or any other mental interference. One minute, that’s all you have to ask for.

Okay, this is going to take a little finesse, close your eyes, open them again, close them again. Take it one bullet point at a time. Oh, and don’t do this while driving a car (you shouldn’t be reading this article while driving either!!).

  • Close your eyes and imagine you are in a safe place, surrounded by a privacy bubble. For balance, you are connected to the earth, but your heart and your head are open to this amazing universe.
  • Take a breath, and as you exhale the air around you fills with the abundance of love that emanates from Venus. You breathe it in, and it fill you with unconditional love, pure love. This love feeds every cell of your body. Close your eyes again and surround yourself with venus love.
  • What about pleasure? I’m sure you can think of many levels of pleasure, but for now lets just focus on the simple yet powerful gift you have to feel, touch, and appreciate. With your next deep breath let go of any resistance and any other barrier to your ability to be receptive and enjoy. Close your eyes again and let yourself be surrounded by receptivity and joy. Whisper the words “thank you”, or “ahhhh”.
  • Now let’s bring in the power of Jupiter, with a little blessing, and suggestion for your own personal growth: “I appreciate all that I have within my life, and am ready to accept even more love, joy, and enjoyment in everything I do”.  Close your eyes, and may your statement just by stating words of agreement – Aho.

Thank you for joining us here at for this moment of healing, suggested by the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. If you enjoyed this meditation moment take the time to leave a comment, like, tweet, and pin!

The Spiritual Meaning of the Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter © 2014 Kavi Saphala. About the author: Kavi enjoys sharing simple ideas and tools that lead to self awareness and personal growth.

This wonderful photo was taken by TimothyBoocock, and shared through Wikimedia Commons. Click on Timothy’s name to see the full image. Amazing photo! Thank you for sharing.

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