Predictions – Playing the Cards As They Are Dealt

human brainThey say we only use 10 percent of our brain. Many of us talk about, even joke, about the abilities that lie dormant within us. We have abilities that are often overlooked simply because we do not practice those abilities in our day to day lives.


Predictions can be based upon patterns, historical values, assumptions, or simple guesswork. How we play our cards in the game of life is often based on predictions. We choose the route to drive, we make choices on the career moves that will best serve us. Is it possible to refine that ability, the ability to make predictions that will pay off? It’s difficult to measure our ability to predict, simply because we can guess, and the odds are there that sometimes we will be right even if we were to draw blindly.

Xactika – the game of predictions

There are games that are designed to combine skill and the ability to predict. I love games that can have a broad range in the number of players. Xactika is one of those games, one that is simple yet has a enough challenge and potential reward that it holds your attention. It’s definitely strategy oriented, but that’s the best part of it. Sure, it’s possible that some people may have a little leverage with their intellect, but the predictability built into this game can turn the game around quickly.

Will this game help you develop your ability in predicting future events? Maybe not in the sense of your sixth sense, but in your sense of fun and playfulness. Are you up for the challenge?

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