Gayatri Mantra of the Divine Sun

Mantras are hymns of invocation or a form of prayer, in the ancient sacred Sanscrit language. It was believed that speaking a mantra would create a direct connection to the gods or goddesses who remained within the earth realm to aid and guide mankind.

The most commonly used mantras used today are invocations, asking for the assistance of one of the deities or bodhavista’s such as Quan Yin. Within the invocation you may find a request: to cast out negativity, inspire love, cure illness, or bring more the the higher, honorable qualities in life.

Gayatri mantraGayatri Mantra

It is said that of all the Mantras, the most celebrated, and at the same time the most effectual for blotting out all sins, is the Gayatri mantra.

So powerful, this mantra, and of such potency as to make the gods themselves tremble  is that to which they give the name of Gayatrl, or the Mantra of twenty-four syllables:

” Tat savitur varenyam bhargodevasya
Dhimahi dhiyo yo naha pracbodayat.”

“We meditate on that excellent light of the divine sun : may he illuminate our minds!”

Gayatri is the feminine form of gāyatra. She is an vision of Mata Saraswati, Mata Lakshmi & Mata Parvati, all three in one image.

This YouTube video offers the Gayati mantra.

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Gayatri mantra

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