Intuitive Awareness In Everyday Life

When we open the mystical bag of spiritual abilities one of the first things we will find is the ancient ability called intuitive feeling. Throughout history people have thought intuition was a gift for the seer or psychic. Even today, few think of intuition as an ability that we all possess.

It takes a shift in perspective to see how much intuitive awareness permeates our everyday lives. Most of our perceptions are formed from a collection of evidence collected by our senses. We make assessments based on tangible evidence: what we physically see, and can touch. Intuition goes beyond the senses of the physical “layer” and delves into a world that is connected more to feel and knowing. It is through intuition you get that gut level feeling that lets you know when something is not true, or someone cannot be trusted.

What is Gut Level Feeling?

If you study the chakra system, the energetic “organs” of the energy body, gut level feeling is related to the belly chakra. Here you will find a gut-level response that is an emotional or feeling-based response. Simply stated, from this level of perception you either like it or you don’t. It either rings true, or it does not. Gut level feeling is one of many abilities you have in terms of intuitive awareness.

intuitive awarenessThe Meaning of Intuitive Awareness

In the Latin language we have the word intueri, the root of the word intuition. This word can be translated to mean look within, which is a great definition of intuitive abilities.

So what role does intuitive insights play in our day-to-day lives? Try this simple exercise to test your own intuitive abilities: vision a wonderful fresh strawberry, and know the taste and smell. Focus on your gut level feeling, the signal that you trust that insight, or recognize that you don’t like strawberries.

Intuition is a tool of perception. The best way to build this ability is to acknowledge your use of it.

Is intuition a psychic tool?

Many spiritual professionals use their intuition as a gauge and guide in their intuitive sessions. For some this ability seems to come easily or naturally. Many discover that intuition is a skill that can be developed, given attention and acknowledgement.

Intuition is different than clairvoyance. The word clairvoyance is derived from the French word words clair, meaning clear, and voyance, or vision. This ability is associated with the brow chakra, and while it is located in the general vicinity of the mind it is actually stepping out of the workings of the mind. Clairvoyance has been described as one of the intuitive, or metaphysical skills.

Intuitive awareness in everyday life

No matter how you look at it, your intuitive awareness is a part of your everyday live. There are some who use intuition consciously as a tool in their personal and professional life. Most of us use intuitive feeling without thinking of it, or associating their perceptions with anything metaphysical, or describe it with words like “intuition”. Acknowledgement of your abilities often grows as you receive friendly feedback from others. On the other side, we often turn down our abilities when we get negative feedback. In this world we’re not often encouraged to use our intuitive awareness, an ability that can cut past illusions and get so quickly down to the truth.

From my perspective, I’d rather strengthen and own the abilities that can help me in my decision making and assessment of my interactions. Intuitive awareness can be integrated into our everyday lives. Has this article on intuition brought to mind any of your own personal experiences? Has it opened up greater recognition of your own intuitive awareness? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you!

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