How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a powerful tool in personal growth and relationships, but it is not always the easiest step to take. How can you forgive ourselves and others for those things that cause you and others pain or make us angry? Each of us must find the answer within ourselves, but the steps we take lead us all in the same direction.

how to forgive yourselfHow to Forgive Yourself

What is forgiveness? It is a release, an act of letting go.

Forgiveness may take compassion, or understanding of your own feelings. Taking this step is not always easy because it entails taking personal responsibility for your feelings. But consider the options: is the relationship you have with another worth jeopardizing just for the sake of avoiding our own feelings?

Finding the Source so we can Forgive

Mistakes are made, and hurt is felt, this is a reality in life that we cannot avoid. While you may not always “rise above” your problems and shortcomings you can empower yourself by the response you give to your situation.

It is important to understand that people are not always on the same wavelength, and you cannot give your attention and focus to everything all of the time. Most mistakes are not intentional, and in fact they might have been made by an act that was intended to be out of love or appreciation. How many times have you seen someone go overboard in their giving just so others would see that they care?

Forgiveness Begins Within

The steps you take to forgive always begin within. Ask yourself these questions, and you may find that forgiveness is much easier than we imagined:

  • What was the intent?
  • Was there a misunderstanding?
  • How will that moment affect me tomorrow, or ten years from now?
  • Which is more important to me, my relationship or “being right”?

Intuitive Meaning of Forgiveness

Is there a connection between intuitive meaning and forgiveness? Most definitely. It brings into play our ability to complete a cycle, tipping into the past, taking action in the present, and creating a new energetic thread for the future.

By turning within you can, on your own, resolve the situation. You can dialog within yourself and ask, “How do you feel about this?”, and then respond as well. Allow the communication to flow, not with any feeling of defense but with that voice that simply wants to be heard. You can listen, and respond, “You have every right to feel that way”, acknowledging the hurt and letting it go. Let yourself stand on both sides, and let yourself be the mediator.

Another simple tool you can use is the Ho Oponopono, which goes like this: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

How to Forgive Yourself © 2011-2014 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Intuitive Meaning founder Estee Taschereau is a Perception Specialist™, guiding individuals into clarity and self-appreciation through individual Perception Sessions™.  Estee honors body, mind and spirit in her writing, photography, marketing, and even while walking the dog.

how to forgive yourself

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