Summer Solstice and The Energy Aftermath

The summer solstice 2014 happened on June 21st. Being the longest day of light, we now gradually shift back to the shorter light days until the next shift in December. Awareness of this earth cycle is nothing new to us, but it is not as important to as many of us as it used to be. We have artificial heat and light, food storage, and the ability to have most anything we want just by a trip to a grocery store.

Summer Solstice and Your Personal Energy

Let’s focus for a moment on the energy felt on this planet during our summer season. This shift isn’t just once but twice on this planet each year, shifting from the northern to the southern hemisphere. In the summer the temperatures are higher, the days are longer. Many of us have a feeling of more energy during this time of year. Unlike most other creatures, we don’t necessarily experience things like hibernation, at least not in such a predictable way. Humans have forced their way out of what comes natural, taking far more control over their own energy.

Is your personal energy something spent, or is it something you invest?

We’re not always “on the go”, that’s for sure. Rest is just as important as activity, and visa versa. I’m also noting that we’re never truly idle, either. You and I are creatures of energy, and even when the physical body is still it is in constant motion with blood flowing, heart beating, and so on.

Energy is directed in more ways than just physical activity, it can flow into emotions, thoughts, and creativity. You and I are never idle. It may seem at times like time has passed you by, but how could that be?

While the body in lock in to this world through time and space, your consciousness is able to cross beyond that limitation. Whether you are able to retain a conscious awareness or memory of where your energy flows to, and what it does when it gets there, is another matter.

summer solstice 2014Summer Solstice and The Energy Aftermath

You and I are energy beings. Our physical world and experience is just one part of who we are. Just like the cycles of the planet you have both building up and tearing down. Energy builds as the climax of something planned builds, and then the event is over, and the energy subsides.

Energy can be invested in creating something and energy can be spent lost in memories of the past. We put labels on how you and I use our time and energy, none of it is purely good or bad. What do your thoughts give to you, in the present, at any point of time? Isn’t that your only measure of its value to you? Do your thoughts give you something you appreciate, something that leaves you feeling fulfilled, or happy?

On the solstice day the energy we receive from the sun is no greater than any other day, but we experience it as different and changing by our angle, our relationship to that source. Our own relationship between our own energy being and our physical experience is much the same. What you see, feel, think, and share, can all be influenced by the angle you choose.

Summer Solstice and The Aftermath © 2014 Kavi Saphala.

Solstice and Equinox

Here is a wonderful video about the summer solstice and seasons by Sixty Symbols:

Fascinating! Shared with appreciation.

Photo credits:This (base) photo was donated to public domain by CTLiotta through wikimedia commons. Thank you for sharing!

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