Love and the Spiritual Nature of Jasmine


Does the jasmine flower and it’s essential oils hold some magical property, capable of affecting our heart, soul, and mind?

Essential oils have been a part of rituals and healing since the early days of mankind. Since essential oils and aroma is so subtle and intangible, the sense of smell was thought to be something spiritual or divine.

Essential oils and fragrant herbs and resins have been woven into our spirituality and religion, used to communicate with spirit, to call in the good spirits, and banish the darkness.

Where is Jasmine found in history?

Greek author Dioscorides wrote of jasmine, and likely only about the oil from the white flower brought by the persian traders. Hence, the name jasmine came about from the words “viola” and “odor”. Many variations of the name came about as well in the transport of this aromatic essential oil, but all led back to the name jasmine as we know it today. It is thought that jasmine was finally grown on british soil sometime in the 16th century.

Jasmine and Wedding Days

How did the jasmine plant spread around europe? Legend has it that it is cupid’s fault. The one owner of a jasmine plant in Tuscany forbad even a cutting from his plant. Cupid had his way, and the land owner’s gardener could not help but include a jasmine branch in the bouquet of flowers for his mistress on her birthday. That was enough for her, and she then wed the gardener. To this day, Tuscan tradition includes the jasmine flower on a woman’s wedding day.

“And brides as delicate and fair As the white jasmine flowers they wear Hath Yemen in her blissful clime” ~ Thomas Moore

love and the spiritual nature of jasmineThe Spiritual Nature of Jasmine

Jasmine is well known for its fragrance, hence translating into a perfume, but this plant also holds energy as an essential oil. Every essential oil holds an energy vibration that resonates with the human body.

What qualities does jasmine essential oil possess? We’ve already talked about wedding days, and the association of jasmine to love. Can you cast a spell of love on another simply by using this wonderfully fragrant oil? Wiccans associate jasmine with love, as well as money and prophetic dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, did you know that the scent of jasmine is strongest in the evening and night? No wonder jasmine is attributed to prophetic dreams. Jasmine is associated with Venus, the planet of love, and also with the moon. Bella Luna, my beautiful moon.

“Many a perfume breathed From plants that wake when others sleep From timid jasmine buds that keep Their odour to themselves all day But when the sun light dies away Let the delicious secret out To every breeze that roams about” ~ Thomas Moore

Sources of Jasmine Essential Oils
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There are so many other ways which jasmine essential oil has been used. For the individual, jasmine oil can help renew a lost interest. It can also help increase inner strength. Jasmine bridges the gap of body and spirit, and has been used as a part of tantric rituals. Jasmine also stimulates kundalini energy, an energy that some mistake for a type of sexual energy.

Spiritually, jasmine is also known for emotional inner peace, and calming of the mind. It is also associated with astral travel, again associating jasmine with prophetic dreaming, and the moon. Sometimes those dreams and astral experiences can be waves of emotional energy being released from the body during times when the body is free of its typical “holding it together” phase during our waking hours.

Jasmine and Intuitive Meaning

What about a personal Jasmine focused meditation or healing?  Jasmine can be used to inspire your own spiritual presence in the body with it’s delicate fragrance. You can also use jasmine as an evening or nighttime meditation enhancement, in association with the feminine side, the moon, and the inner-self.

Not every intuitive insight is an insight put into words. You have emotional and core insights and expressions that surface far below the level of “words”. If you choose you can translate your experience of jasmine spirituality into language, but it is just as powerful to let it live on that sensual, emotional level, letting the body linger and sigh.

Is there a date or time of the year most associated with Jasmine? The closest I could find is the greek name Jasmin, which is celebrated in September.

One precaution: do not use during the early months of pregnancy. Any essential oil should be researched first, before use.

Love and the Spiritual Nature of Jasmine © 2014 Ava Saadi, Intuitive About the author: Ava enjoys good food, healthy directions, and spiritually-enriching experiences, including sharing her love of Reiki Energy Healing.

Photo credit: Young Woman as Saint Catherine by Bartolomeo Veneto.It shows a young woman with her head circled by jasmine, symbol of God’s love. Sixteenth century.

Stories of the history of Jasmine found in Sylva Florifera: The Shrubbery Historically and Botanically, Volume 1, published in 1823.

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