Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary Influence?

How do the planets influence how we feel, what we think, and how we relate to others?  There have been a lot of planetary events recently, such as the blood moon, Mars being so visible and close to the earth, and something called the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Is there such a thing as planetary influence? We’ve already learned the impact of sunspots and even our own moon on our tides. The magnetic pull of our own planet certainly influences our physical bodies. What about the other planets?

We like to believe in our own power, and stake claim on our own independence. Is believing in astrology and the energy of planetary influence going to diminish your control over your own life in any way?  Let’s look at it this way: you can have excuses, or you can have allies. You can have barriers, or you can have stepping stones along the way.

Planetary Changes

Times are changing, and this change is a combination of what you and I do individually and collectively. What about this planetary influence? Doesn’t that rule the changes of our times? What if you and I are a part of that “bigger picture”, perhaps not on a human conscious level, but spiritually connected to this seemingly orchestrated dance of planets. What if?

susan harmon hourAstrology and You – Managing the Energy

I spoke with Susan Harmon, host of the Susan Harmon Hour on alternative talk 1150 KKNW about the energy affecting us in recent days. Ironically, her most recent show focused on the cardinal grand cross.

Susan’s guests that day included not one but three astrologers who shared their interpretation of this powerful astrological event.

Here’s a summary, just one part of the amazing info shared during this one-hour talk show: “The Uranus Pluto square overarches the Cardinal Grand Cross between 2 eclipses followed by a Grand Water Trine. This is setting the stage for many possibilities in our lives, and giving us the opportunity to shed fear and emerge as the free and creative beings we truly are. This will solidify with the Grand Fire trine later this year.”

Astrology – Influence, or alliance?

While you and I may not influence the planets, the planets do influence us. It’s very easy to step into struggle, fighting for composure and control. What if these astrological events are here to support you in your overall life experience?

Breath in, and as you release that breath let it be for body, mind, emotions and spirit. Our world and universe influence us in so many different ways. Do we just sit back and ride it out, or do we shift ourselves to the next level? The decision is in your hand, and in your heart.

Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary Influence? © 2014 Kavi Saphala.

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