Celebrating Earth Day 2014 With Honor

It is that time of year again, on April 22 once again celebrate Earth Day. This tradition began in 1970, as an act to grow greater consciousness around the idea of caring for the environment. Does it help us to have one day of the year to celebrate birthday, cannot have any impact on the damage to a planet caused by pollution and consumerism? It all began in 1969 with a massive oil spill off the coast of California. Strangely enough, both Republicans and Democrats supported are rallies to have a more sustainable, healthy environment. Our progress with him today has not been quite so easy. Corruption and greed still make it nearly impossible to change the business practices in a way that honors human life and the environment. Where did return, what can we do to achieve our goals?

earth day blue marble love of lifeEarth Day Awareness

The first steps in achieving Earth Day awareness is to recognize the world we live in is here to support us, not just something we consume. Education is critical, but it cannot be manufactured truths, we must have awareness of the damage done to our earth each and every day.

Creating Your Own Earth Day 24/7

There’s a growing trend toward sustainability. What does sustainability mean? It means growing your own food, for one, becoming more independent. If you took the concept of sustainability from the individual level and applied the concept of sustainability to the neighborhood or community imagine how our lives would be. We would know one another, with our efforts focused on support not just for ourselves but for all. Right now this seems like a fairy tale, or at least like a commune story from the 60’s. Is this something we want? If so, we must each take steps in building that thought process of alliance, overall outcome, and the “bigger picture”.

Everyday Earth Day Practices

Outside of saving the world, what can you and I do today as an everyday earth day practice?

  • Be aware of the chemicals you use indoors, for the sake of your family and pets. Vinegar is a healthy, non-toxic cleaner. There are many websites these days with non-toxic cleaning recipes.
  • Remember to care for your outdoors environment as well. Are dandelions the enemy? Actually, they are amazing food, with mineral content well above most vegetables.

From a holistic approach as well as a spiritual “let’s make the most out of the lives we live” approach, I can offer you one of the most powerful steps you can take: step out of the world of illusion. Everything we’ve created is great fun, or a challenge to surpass, but we’ve also stepped far outside our connectivity to self, soul, relationships, food, and the greatest “things” of value. Our money has no value, it is only a note, and not so solidly backed up anymore. Food has become manufactured, not grown, and certain corporations continue to work diligently to take away our rights to own seeds or stock. earth day 2014 earth honor

How to you take a step out of illusion?

Where would that step take you?

Let’s make earth day about honor. Close your eyes and quiet your mind, and give your spirit or soul a chance to speak. I’ve recently had a chance to see the impact of honor on our ability to be grounded, living a more integrated expression of self. Once you have a taste of “being you” the world around you will change. Others will be able on some level to perceive that sense of self and sense of honor, and they will respond, Like for Like.

“To create the world you want, the first step is to create a solid platform to stand upon. That platform is the earth, and the bonding energy is honor”.

Does taking a little time to for self, and experiencing your own sense of self with honor take away from Earth Day?  Not at all. You and I are bridges that link the earth to the spiritual realm that lives on this planet. Just a little food for thought, food for the soul. Have a happy and honor-filled Earth Day.

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