The Meaning of Yantra

It’s said that meditation is good for you. Meditation relaxes the mind, shifting your brain to a quieter frequency where healing can take place. Sounds great, doesn’t it? What’s the best method for meditation? There’s so many different methods for meditation, it’s just a matter of finding one that feels right for you, and putting that method into practice. The key is focus, giving yourself dedicated time to shift out of your mental chaos and into a space that is both restorative and releasing. Choose your yantra, and discover what meditation can do for you!

what's your yantraThe Meaning of Yantra

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for “instrument” or “machine”. Much like the word “instrument” itself, a yantra can be represented by symbols, processes, machinery, or anything organized or structured.

I took the word yantra to my favorite Sanskrit translating tool, found at  Why do so? This translator gives not one but many sanskrit words that offer a different perspective. In this case I found many words that were very mechanical sounding, not really fitting for a good intuitive meditation. I did found a handful of words that support the inner experience of meditation, ideas that help lift the intuitive meaning of meditation to a whole new level.

Here are a few of the words I discovered in my quest to define the meaning of Yantra:

Support: Yes, meditation is a support, not just for you but for everyone within your life. Every moment you spend in meditation helps support you energetically, freeing you for greater awareness and experience in life. The benefits of your meditation time don’t stop when your meditation is over. The feeling of stillness and inner peace often carries forward into the rest of your day.

Barrier: You wouldn’t think that the word barrier would fit into meditation, but it’s very fitting. While meditation is focused on opening up to your own intuitive abilities and impressions, meditation is also a time when you can release and re-define your own energy vibration and boundaries. The greatest way to practice setting your boundaries is to experience your own energy boundaries in a non-resistant meditation.

Restraint: One of the benefits of meditation is the increase in awareness of your own energy. How does your energy flow into the world, and when? Is there an imbalance of what you give vs. what you receive? Is too much of your energy going into the problem instead of the solution? Restraint can be viewed as negative, but there is a positive side to it as well, keeping things in check long enough to get a clear picture, and make the best decisions possible.

The Object of Your Affections

Okay, I admit, it’s a leap to go from meditation to affection. Those two things are quite different, right? But what is affection? I had to look it up. The simple definition given was “a gentle feeling of fondness or liking”.

Another of the benefits of meditation is creating a feeling of “liking” the experience of being you. Nothing can top the feeling of appreciating your own life, and bringing that feeling into the world around you. We get enough of the other side of life, feeling pressured, working harder than ever, being guarded in our interactions. It’s beneficial to spend a little time in a conscious state of relaxation.

Meditation gives you chance to shift into a more relaxed state in a private, personal, and safe space. It’s easier to bring your own energy into a more balanced state when you take the priority off your conflicts and invest yourself in simply “being”.

What’s your Yantra?

Let’s go back to the definition of yantra. What’s your yantra? It could be your organized, well timed yoga movements. You could close your eyes and focus on a symbol like a rose. Meditation can also that time spent in a soothing bath. Repeating a mantra has been a very popular method of meditating for many individuals, using a phrase as the focal point. Meditation doesn’t have to be still, quiet, or passive. Many reach their state of meditation with that runner’s “high”.

No matter what method you choose, the benefits of meditation are well worth the time invested. What’s your yantra? Finding your favorite yantra is a great way to fill your life with a most wonderful feeling of intuitive meaning.

What’s your yantra?  © 2014 Kavi Saphala,

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