Lavender Meditation For Sweet Dreams

Do you combine your meditation – self awareness time with nature? What about lavender and meditation? One of the most loved essential oils is Lavender. The lavender plant is used in landscaping, bringing that most delicious color into gardens around the world. The essential oils found in lavender has been extracted for use in perfumes and cosmetics.

The Energy of Lavender

Everything alive has energy. Lavender essential oil has a powerful frequency, and can enhance and inspire your thoughts as well as your physical body. Is the effect of lavender all in your mind, or is there some benefit found in lavender beyond aromatherapy?

Studies have been conducted on the effect of lavender essential oils in a foot bath, and it was found that lavender oil enhanced blood circulation. The benefit? Blood circulation is essential to brain function, clear thinking, as well as supporting our cellular function.

The Intuitive Meaning of Lavender

Finding the intuitive meaning of anything is a personal experience. Your life experiences create those brain pathways of what you like and don’t like. You may not realize it, but spiritually we all seek the frequencies that support us as a soul, as well as frequencies that support our beliefs.

That said, the energy of lavender is known to inspire sleep, and is great for relaxation. Lavender promotes a feeling of well-being,

Lavender Color Meaning

What about the color lavender, does it have intuitive meaning? The meaning of colors is in part a personal thing. Lavender is not one of the three “true” colors like red, blue and yellow. The color lavender comes from a combination of pink and blue, colors associated with feminine and masculine. Lavender is often times associated with feminine, but nowadays I see more and more men wearing the color lavender.

Spiritually I see lavender as a color for self awareness and acceptance. It is also a color that promotes ownership and appreciation of the yin and yang balance that each of us possesses. The energy is gentle, yet powerful, like combining your actions with a powerful intent. Imagine bringing a gentle power into your meditation space, and see what happens! What message comes to you from this combined color?

lavender meditationLavender Meditation

What is the purpose of meditation? Meditation can be mindful, full of intent. Your meditation time can also be a quiet time, free of the typical thought processes. Either way, your lavender meditation can lead you to a more relaxed state.

No matter which style of meditation you choose, the benefits hold the same purpose: you free yourself from your mental clutter; release the energies you have accumulated through the day; you experience more of you. Where does this leave you? Feeling a greater sense of well-being.


What are some of the ways to include lavender in your meditation?

  • Imagine a lavender rose, as a gentle, forgiving release point
  • Use lavender essential oil in your diffuser
  • Purchase a lavender plant, and feel the “aura” of the plant. Do so without expectations, feeling energy with your hands can take practice.
  • Use lavender to promote restful sleep by taking slow deep breathes, imagining you are breathing in the fragrant energy of lavender. Many spritz their pillow with lavender spray to get that true essence of lavender!
  • Imagine being within the “embrace” of a wonderful lavender energy, feeling safe, warm, and welcomed. Hold that thought for a few minutes, enjoying this feeling of acceptance.

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Looking for a good source of lavender essential oils, or an essential oil diffuser kit? Some individuals like to use a salt rock diffuser, using the gentle heat from the candle to distribute the scent of a few drops of essential oils on rock salt.  You’ll also get the benefit of negative ions that are released by warming the rock salt. Plan your diffuser time with caution so that the diffuser is not left unattended.

You can also mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in a bottle of clean water, and use this as an essential oil spritz for your pillow. Stay clear of packaged air fresheners that have artificial scents and many other ingredients, keeping in mind that true essential oils preserve the essence or life-force of the plant.

Have a great time with your lavender meditation!

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