What Does Intuitive Mean?

The word intuitive has been strongly associated with metaphysical abilities, linked to words like “psychic” or “gut level feeling”. From my observations as a spiritual counselor for over three decades I know that being intuitive is so much more.

It’s one thing to talk about being intuitive. In this article I’ll share with you insights into the word intuitive: what intuitive means. That’s nice, but let’s not stop there, for the real power comes when you bridge between intuitive impressions and your own intuitive meaning.

How do you express your intuitive nature?

The definition of intuition goes back to its roots, with the words coming to life in the 15th century describing intuition as taking action to “look at” and “consider” or contemplate.

Intuition is not passive, in any sense, but we’re not always quick or clear about what we’re “picking up” with our intuitive impressions. It’s one thing to be intuitive, but the mastery comes in developing your ability to interpret with clarity.

Intuition also becomes an amazing tool when you learn how to see things from a different perspective. It’s easy for us to mash what we “pick up” intuitively together with our emotions and ego, two of the lower senses on our ability scale. Intuition does come from the gut, but it also comes from consciousness, a much higher vibrational level than ego or emotion.

what does intuitive meanBeing Intuitive, by nature

Do you always know when you’re using our intuitive skills? No, not always. I always describe what I see to my clients during a session, looking beyond their life experience to see how they are using or wanting to tap into their abilities, like intuition. Oftentimes they are surprised by what they hear, but at the same time it makes sense to them. It’s thrilling to hear and see their shift as they connect the dots and realize that they have that power of intuition.

Why don’t we all see it and understand how intuition is woven into our lives? There are several reasons. One is that we haven’t talked out-loud about intuition, hearing positive feedback from others or speaking out when we see someone using their intuitive skills. There are also other considerations, such as the value we can gain from our intuitive abilities, and the power we can have in many life situations when we use our intuition.

Call it metaphysical if you’d like. I’ve come to know intuition as a real-time, down-to-earth life skill, something you can use as a personal, relationship and business tool.

Tapping into your own intuitive abilities

Can you develop your own intuitive skills? Yes, you can. Most of my clients come to me seeking answers and clarity in their life. What they don’t always consciously realize is that behind the scenes they are seeking tools and skills that they can use to improve the quality of their life. There’s always a factor of teach in my talk. I measure the success of what I offer by the satisfaction and empowerment felt by my clients. To this day, using this scale to measure our combined success in life empowerment, I’d say it rises right off the charts.

What does intuitive mean? Here is the great thing about these meta-abilities, such as intuition: at first glance they may seem distant, not something you have as an ability or skill. But the word intuitive, in itself, describes both what you do AND what you gain by using it. There’s a biblical saying: “what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” When you incorporate your intuitive skills into your day-to-day life, you do just the opposite. Intuition is a way to strengthen your life through your awareness, become more able to interact within your world.

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