Inspiration – Welcome To The Light

Benvenuti alla luce – welcome to the light. Today this is my focus to share with you, and our ability to harness the power of inspiration.

Where do you find your inspiration? For me, on a cold February day, my inspiration came from inside and out. The weather forecast cried out for darkened days of rain, and more rain. Yet this morning the sun shines, and the sky is blue. On the inside, I turned on my television with thoughts of watching a few videos on a topic I am researching, and found the dvd Under The Tuscan Sun audio playing. I opted to let it continue while tending to snow pea starts. Once my seedling tasks were complete my attention could turn toward writing. What topic would I choose? One glance outside to the hummingbird flittering at its feeder, and robin’s in the background seeking earthworms.

welcome to the light - inspirationFinding Your Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from? Today the most obvious is the blue sky and sunshine. Is inspiration something found in things that are rare, uncommon, or unexpected?

Does inspiration come to you as serendipity, a happy accident? Surely it was coincidental to have the blue skies along with the movie that talks about welcoming a newborn “into the light”.

Inspiration is truly a personal thing, but it is also something we can share with others. It is uplifting, and energizing in a way that doesn’t give you the jitters. A natural high can never be matched by any energy drink.

Welcome to the Light

Benvenuti alla luce. How do you find your own natural high? It’s simple.

Inspiration can come from most anything. But inspiration does not come automatically. It takes an open heart, and a willingness to be in a relationship with the world around you to live a life of inspiration.

It’s been said, “Come as a little child“, but what does that mean? Is it about innocence, or appreciation? Is it the ability to suspend your judgment and see things in a different way? Inspiration is all around you, welcome to the light.

Inspiration – Welcome to the Light © 2014 Estee Taschereau.

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