February Pamper and Your Spiritual Energy

February purification pamperWelcome to February, the month of purification!

We’ve already covered some fun and easy ways to make February be a month of “feel good” in our first article, looking at how simple it is to support body and mind with a little pampering.

Isn’t that good enough, to give the body a little pampering and turn our focus toward affirmations and positive thoughts?

Body Mind and Spirit

It’s one thing to give your body the attention it craves and deserves. Pampering, combined with a good balance of exercise and rest can help your body, all the way down to the cells, detoxify and relax. Other than the “feel good” part, what’s the point?

It’s all about the human experience. When your body is receptive, and your mind is clear and open, then you stand a greater chance of “channelling” your spiritual energy into your day-to-day life. Why is this a big deal?

tuning in to your spiritual energyTuning in to your Spiritual Energy

Consider your spiritual energy to be so finely tuned to your life, experiences, goals and passions that it’s like a “match made in heaven”.

Try it for yourself, it’s easy to do. When you are in a quiet place, during a time when your mind is still, bring your focus to your spiritual energy. Imagine how it feels to the cells of your body. Is there an emotion attached to that sensation? For me it’s a gentle but electrical charge of enthusiasm. It’s kind of like that moment just before dawn, when everything is still subtle, but the day is ready to begin. What a way to start the new day!

How does your own energy feel? Keep in mind, if you experience anything less than comfortable then you’re likely tapping into a layer that not you, or no longer serves you. Imagine letting that layer drain away and you smile and say “thanks!”. Your spiritual energy will not feel foreign or uncomfortable, but it can help you realize what’s not you!

Tuning in to your own spiritual energy is that simple: it is a shift in focus. Most of the time we’re tuned into the day-to-day world, the drama and chaotic busy we live in. Taking a moment to tune in to you and the wonderful energy that is your inspiration can really make a difference in the balance between you and everything around you.

Getting ready to spring into spring

Oh, one last note. Here we are, closing up our first month in the year. Did you create any affirmations? Did you complete those affirmations? A lot of people don’t! January really feels like that time when we clean up after all those big parties. The spirit of January? Not very spirited, it’s more of blah, blah, back to business. Not much “happy” in happy new year. Now January is over, and what do we have to show for it?

Back in Roman times January and February were the “month-less” time of the year. Yes, I get it, and that energy still lingers, doesn’t it? I’d like to change that, wouldn’t you? Let’s let January be what it is, and use February, the month of purification, be what it was intended. Long before we had our modern calendar, in the Roman days, the new year actually started in March. That makes so much more sense!

Spring, longer days, and physically the body feels more energized. February is a natural time of preparing for the new year! What better way to enjoy the longer days than to integrate more of your own spiritual energy into your everyday world.

Happy February, a time of purification. Let your days grow longer, and with Valentines day, let your heart grow fonder. Have a delightful February as you prepare to “spring into spring”.

February Pamper and Your Spiritual Energy © 2014 Kavi Saphala, IntuitiveMeaning.com
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