The Buddha Said: Simplicity of Heart

The teachings of Buddha are simple, yet the complexity of our mind often holds the value of these teachings at bay. To learn is one thing, to understand and embrace is another. Buddha simplicity of heartAllow us a moment of your time to contemplate this message about the simplicity of Heart, and your journey to find the Way.

The Buddha said:

“If you endeavor to embrace the Way through much learning, the Way will not be understood. If you observe the Way with simplicity of heart, great indeed is this Way.”

The Buddha said:

“Those who rejoice in seeing others observe the Way will obtain a great blessing.”

Experiencing your own simplicity of heart

Simplicity of heart: these words are easy to understand, yet do we comprehend its meaning, and embrace our own simplicity of heart?  Looking at our life as a whole, it may not seem that way. What if you were to look at your moments in time, and see a few of those times when you lived within your own simplicity of heart.

What inspires you to step within your own simplicity of heart? Many of our pets connect with us fully within their own simplicity of heart. What about sharing a moment with a child, are you able to shift into that surreal space where you experience freedom from the boundaries of time and space?

While your time spent within the simplicity of heart may be only a few moments within any given day, remember these moments are like seeds. These seeds are within your grasp, ready to be sown within your life. The outcome can be plentiful, indeed.

Isn’t it amazing, to live in this world that today offers us so many ways to connect? This Buddha moment is shared with you with gratitude that we have indeed connected on this day. Thank you.

This passage, and many others, are available in the free ebook Zen For Americans, published in 1906.

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