Rose Meaning – A Rose By Any Other Name

This famous quote, “”A rose by any other name would smell as sweet“, originated in Romeo and Juliet sometime around 1591. Centuries later this simple line that magically formed in the thoughts of playwright Shakespeare is still commonly known and honored. What does it mean? Simply, it’s not the name that matters, what is “is”.

What is “is”

What a great topic to bring into thought, and discover new “intuitive meaning“. What is.. is. No matter what we call it, no matter what “stories” we invent to justify our actions and prove we are right, what is simply is. Truth builds bridges that help us integrate and connect.

Imagine living in a world with such integrity. What if our desire to know the truth, explain and understand why life is what it is, could lift us to a whole new level? The question could be asked, “How much of our attention and energy is wasted on finely-crafted stories and non-truths?” Another great question: “What is the relationship between disclosure and truth?” They say “Knowledge is Power“, is that true?

intuitive rose meaning - Maude_Fealy_as_JulietA Rose is still a Rose

Decades ago I began offering Rose Readings as a way of giving a focused look at an individual. What does a Rose Reading bring into the light? How open you are to your own life experience, the clarity of your communication, and the current “considerations” you are processing. The technique was simple, yet could easily fill 30 minutes (or more!) with the onflow of informative images and impressions they shared spiritually.

Why a rose? The energy of a rose, as discussed in aromatherapy, is powerful. The human body, healthy at 68 to 72 MHz. The rose? 320 MHz. Want to raise your vibration?  Set aside the coffee, which gives you a 15 point drop, and reach for your roses.

Roses are not intimidating, they are treasured. With that in mind, how would you respond if you were described as a rose? Beautiful, fragrant, loved, treasured?  I’m pausing now to bask in that thought, sharing that sentiment within. Feel free to pause for your own inspiration!

the first rose - rose meaningSince those earlier days of my career as a spiritual counselor, I’ve appreciate being given the chance to peak at the energy expression of so many individuals. My creative nature has stepped in as well, and I’ve developed many variations on the earlier “Rose Reading”.

I love rose readings. My favorite reading format, by far, is my integrating “Soulmate Alignment”. This reading goes far beyond “what is”, delving into “what could be” on a level that integrates your soul-overseer’s vision for your life experience. Love those roses!!

Now let’s tie it all together: rose meaning, Shakespeare, and rose readings.

Shakespeare’s success has endured because his writing touched the hearts of so many with it’s air of truth. Roses hold great power, as does our own intuitive truth. Why have I chosen to dedicate so much of my time over these years to offer rose readings? Because of the amazing power found in our own spiritual truths. Daily live can sometimes drag you down. Isn’t it important that you find something uplifting and revitalizing? For me, there is nothing greater than playing a part in someone’s invigorating intuitive integration™ in every aspect of their life.

rose meaningRoses in Meditation

Many use rose essential oils as a part of their intuitive self-care. Roses have adorned coins, and have been integrated into our lives symbolically by individuals, religions, even governments for centuries.

Can roses be used in meditation? Certainly! You can do so many things in visualization, bringing roses in “energetically” to support and nourish the soul. Roses can be used as a cleansing and clearing tool, as well.

The road to happiness isn’t where you’ve been, or where you are going. Happiness is seeded within, and the roses can bloom every day of your life.

A Rose Is Still A Rose – © 2013 Kavi Saphala, All rights reserved.

Image credit: Postcard of Maude Fealy as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, 1898-1903, and The First Rose by François BoucherLast but never least: “Knospe einer rosa Rose”, shared so graciously by Amanda44 on Wikimedia Commons. 

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