Awaiting the Soul’s Return

Awaiting the soul’s return: what does that mean? What intuitive meaning can be discovered through our focus on our own soul, and our God-given abilities to express ourselves on this earthly plane?

Awaiting the Soul's ReturnMany seek to know and understand themselves, as has been the case for centuries before us, and will likely continue into the days that come. What is the greatest barrier we face? The concepts held within, ideas of our value, or lack thereof.

Why do we face such diminishing of our power within this world?

Everywhere we turn we can easily find examples that confirm our own beliefs and enforce a common ground. We could bow our heads and hide our shortcomings, but there is always a part of us that will not allow us to bury ourselves. There is an emergence of our own spirit, or you can call it the soul, that seeks to be known and recognized for what it is: our presence, our passion, and the expression of divine essence within the density of the world.

Awaiting the Soul’s Return

My selection of this topic was inspired by a passage I discovered in a book published in 1881 called “The Arabula: The Divine Guest” by Andrew Jackson Davis.

“The soul’s return,” not the soul’s progress, is the burden of their evening prayer. They believe it was a person who said, ” I am the light of the world.” On this belief they all rush in ” where angels fear to tread,” and attempt to light their ” humble tapers” by the lamp carried almost two thousand years ago by a Nazarene! With such belief the Christians cannot improve themselves, nor allow of improvement in others. They neither enter heaven, nor let others enter, but swing their Peter-oil lamps, and shout: ” The curse of God is on thee ! Haste ye! Haste ye ! Bow down at the foot of the cross! Lay all your sins at the feet of Him who died to save the world.”

I am especially grateful for the first sentence in this passage: “The soul’s return, not the soul’s progress, is the burden of their evening prayer.  How much of our attention is placed on seeking something that by appearance (or lack of recognition) is outside of ourselves?  We are told that we are “in the image of”, yet so many actions and statements lead us to diminish our value, even the core of our existence.

This posting is not intended to discredit or deny the teachings that are intended to lead us to enlightenment, only to strip away the chaff that buries our intent of finding consciousness and living in the light of our soul.  Be here, be now. As it has been said many times over: The kingdom of heaven is within.

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Image credit: Amphitrite published 1897 by Mihail Simonidi (1870–1933).
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