Winter Solstice 2013 and a Turn Of Events

Welcome to winter solstice 2013. What a wonderful turn of events we can see in this day (or night) as the shift begins toward lighter, brighter days.  I, for one, am ready for this transition. My dreams are void of the darkness, cold, and rain. My waking hours? I could use a little more sunshine, and a little less chill.

winter solstice 2013 intuitive meaningAre we ready for a change? What about you? During this holiday season so many of us are wrapping up the last tasks of the year in our businesses. Have you had that feeling in the back of your mind, wishing that you could get those lingering tasks out of the way? The list may get shorter, but the heaviness of a year that is soon to end grows darker. Sounds a bit like the transition into winter solstice, doesn’t it?

What has lead to every winter solstice?  From the time of the summer solstice things have become a little bit darker, every single day. Dreary, yes, but then, we’ve all heard the saying:

It’s always darkest before the dawn

So the day has come, the day of the winter solstice. From this day on things will be a little brighter, at least in the length of our days. We could all use a little bit of that, right?

Winter Solstice, Full Moons, and Eclipse Fun Facts

This month’s full moon has come and past, with the December 2013 full moon on December 17th. This year we’ll have no eclipse on this solstice day or night. Ho-hum.

What about combining celestial events for something a little out of the ordinary? Lets see: The next full moon on the winter solstice will be in 2094. I don’t think any of us will adding these dates to our google calendars. What about lunar eclipse on the winter solstice? The last was in 2010. Does this make this winter solstice ho-hum? That’s a matter of choice.

Winter Solstice and Intuitive Meaning

Let’s put a little (ho ho ho) in motion, and add a little harmonics into that ho-“hum”.

Have you been dreaming of the new year? Not just in the sense of that evening of party delight, but of the year to come? I’ve found myself thinking of my garden plans for spring. What about business? The new calendar is already in the works, and soon the old 2012 year will be replaced. The future is bright, at least in the every-increasing length of our day light hours. What about you?

winter solstice 2013 intuitive meaningWhat can you do right now as part of your transition into the new year? Use the winter solstice as a guide, and as a template of transition for your shift into the new year.

While our focus now is on the holidays, there’s still time to include a little self-guided clearing in your heart, our mind, and your daily live. Allow me to offer you a few thoughts that you can use to greatly enhance your shift into the new year and seasons to come.

Is there a thought that lingers in your mind, taking up your valuable mental “real estate”?

Now is a great time to release the emotion that holds that thought in place. Now is a time to reclaim the space for something that will support you in the year to come. You don’t have to know exactly what will grow in that space. All you need is the raw materials to feed the days to come: enthusiasm, creativity, and a never-waining commitment to support your own “dream come true”.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? No, not really – that deep commitment isn’t managed by your day-t0-day working self. All that “holding things together” takes place in your higher soul-level consciousness. The key is to maintain the clarity and exchange between your higher self and your day-to-day expression of self.

Can you turn the trends in your favor, shift your own life in a direction that serves both you and the world around you? That is for you to embrace, and for the world to see.

Happy Winter Solstice 2013: May your days continue to become increasingly brighter. 

© 2013 Kavi Saphala, All rights reserved.

Photo credits, giving credit where credit is due: winter solstice photo by Betty Blair, shared through commons Wikimedia.

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