A New Year Filled With Intuitive Meaning

What is a new year? Is it just another day? What about the journey into that day? As we close a chapter so intuitively created by our thoughts and our calendar, so many of us feel the impact of that year. Many also turn their attention and energy toward what will come next.

Isn’t today a glorious opportunity to invest ourselves into something that can give returns beyond our imagination and expectations?

A New Year and a New Beginning

new year intuitive meaningLet’s take a moment to ponder on our ability to create new beginnings without having to start all over again from day one. This is something truly amazing, but it is also filled with potential pitfalls. What options do you have to deal with this unknown territory?

You can accept that the unknown is a dark place, filled with potential dangers, and savor your ability as a drama (king or) queen with great gusto. What a fun moment this has been! Agent 007 can’t compete with our own imaginations for adventure!

What else can you do? You can give focus to your ability to be sure-footed, and strengthen the muscles of your spirit, heart, emotions and mind by being here now.

A New Year Filled With Intuitive Meaning

One of the areas of interest that has been casually entertained by me this year is emergency preparedness. My son and I have talked about and taken into practice topics like how to start a fire without matches, and what should be in a bug-out bag. What does this have to do with the new year and intuitive meaning? Plenty.

What is a bug-out bag? It is a bag full of essentials that will help you survive, bring you comfort, and keep you safe. A bug-out bag should never be a burden, it should be a load you are willing and able to carry.

Now let’s translate this into the new year and intuitive meaning. What are the essentials you have available to you right now, things that will support and guide you in the year to come? I’m not talking about your knife and fire starter. I’m talking about your skills for self-survival and flourishing in this “jungle” we all live in.

  • Planning and setting goals, and knowing where you want to go is your greatest map, and your heart and soul are the compass that will help get you there.
  • Self acceptance, enthusiasm, and the ever-flowing stream of love (both incoming and outgoing) give you strength beyond what any energy bar could ever provide.
  • Presence, awareness, and faith in your own intuitive direction all provide enough light for you to see your way. You just have to relax and let your “eyes” adjust to this subtle light.

These are only a few of the essentials. I’m sure you can add many to the list (and please do comment with your ideas!!).

Next let’s focus on a little “spring cleaning” in the depth of our winter. This next step is a little bit like preparing the garden for the seeds you may have already planted. Everything you do on an intuitive level may not be easily seen by others, sometimes not even by you, but the benefits will be found somewhere along the way.

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A New Year Filled With Intuitive Meaning © 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Intuitive Meaning founder Estee Taschereau is a Perception Specialist™, guiding individuals into clarity and self-appreciation through individual Perception Sessions™.  Estee expresses her spiritual alliance and creativity in writing, photography, marketing, and even when walking the dog.

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