New Year Dance Thoughtful and Playful

Welcome to new years eve and the process of creating a new year filled with intuitive meaning.

Keep in mind this process is not confined to any certain date on a calendar. Those calendars have no will of their own, and cannot compete with our soul-driven, creativity-based spirits in this physical space we call life.

So why did I break this new year posting into two pieces? Maybe it’s for respect of the space it takes. Perhaps it’s to honor our ability to see things as connected and at the same time separate things into something new and usable.

I could go on for hours on the logic and magic of your creative, powerful abilities, and how each of us can transform any and all of the little details in our lives into something of profound intuitive meaning.

New Year Dance Thoughtful and Playful

Allow me a moment of my own playfulness, mixed in with a heaping spoonful of thoughtfulness, as I say, “Today’s ideas are so big that they couldn’t be contained in one little space!”

reNEW For A Happy New Year

Now let’s take a moment to focus on what you can do without in the year to come.

There are many things that you might think are important, but some of those things might not help you get where you want to go in the days to come.

Some things might be a burden, and take your precious energy that you need for your journey. Perhaps a moment or two spent in reviewing what really matters will be of benefit to you both today and tomorrow.

Even if you don’t go into specifics you can still give focus to the intuitive, soul-level ability to create an energy agreement with yourself with a thoughtful statement like this:

release gratitude honor intuitive meaning.jpgToday I choose
to end my attachment
with anything that no longer serves me.

With gratitude,
I release the incomplete energies I’ve held within.

With honor,

I retain the love, knowledge and wisdom I have gained.

Love can always be found in our past experiences, even in places we didn’t expect. Sometimes love within us is renewed by others when our own love dwindles. There are also times when we have to dig deep, and find those threads of self-preservation in times of trouble. Love comes in so many colors, sometimes opening new doors, and sometimes guiding us to close a door, as well.

The Power of Thank You and Amen

new year dance thoughtful playfulAs you dance your way into this new year, whether your transition be thoughtful or playful, let’s keep an open mind, and let the two intermingle!

One final thought: give focus to recognizing and realizing where your own voice is coming from. What? You are I are multi-faceted beings in a physical form. You have the ability to experience from a survival level, emotional, willful, heart-felt, connective, intuitive, mental, and from your own wisdom and connectivity to your higher self.

Be mindful of not letting your mind or any of the other “pieces” of who you are be in charge of your bigger plans. That would be like asking the hammer to define the role of the wrench. Every one of your abilities is a tool for your divine success, and each plays a role in helping you achieve your goals.

One last thing: have a safe new years eve, and a happy new year.

New Year Dance Thoughtful and Playful © 2013 Estee Taschereau.

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