Harvest Moon Healing and Fall Equinox Balance


harvest moon healingThe fall equinox is just around the corner, always in the midst of the harvest moon. In times past the light of the harvest moon gave extra hours to growers in a time when gathering and storing their crops was crucial for survival.  In these times we have many more tools to help us deal with the constraints in this world, but as far as the harvest goes, nature still dictates our timing.

Equinox Energy

What about the equinox? The day of equal time is just around the corner. The fall equinox 2013 is on September 22nd. On this day the night and day are equal in length. How many times do we have equality in our lives? Not often. We have two opportunities each year to bring our attention to our own equality, shifting our focus on a day when the earth supports our efforts.

Harvest Moon Healing

What sort of healing focus brings together the harvest moon and the fall equinox? What about celebrating the harvest of your own creative efforts and letting go of the challenges and hardships you’ve endured along the way? It’s not very often in this world today that we give ourselves starts and stops, and the ending of a cycle. The harvest moon can be your personal “signal” to bring the past to a close, and shift your energy into preparing for a new start. This time isn’t just about letting go, not with a harvest moon to support you! Remember to give homage to everything you have gained in the seasons past, honoring your hard work.

The harvest moon, this month’s full moon, is on September 19th, and the fall equinox 2013 is on September 22nd. During these three days you can triple the healing energy of the full moon and the equinox by making each day a part of your healing journey. Start by focusing on the fullness of your life on the day of the full harvest moon. Next you can allow yourself to get that “exhale” energy going as the moon begins it wane. Then on the equinox you can focus on rebalancing your energies, having both the earth and the heavens to guide you. Body and spirit will always be the magical combination that makes this world “tick”, and it’s worthy of celebration.

Harvest Moon Healing and Fall Equinox Balance © 2012 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava enjoys good food, healthy directions, and spiritually-enriching experiences, including sharing her love of Reiki Energy Healing.

Photo credits: Harvest Moon, ‘globed in mellow splendour by Helen Allingham (1848 – 1926)

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