Giving and Receiving – and our own Sense of Self

In the world of giving and receiving there is one thing that rings true: it takes so little to give a lot. If this really is a reality, why is it that so many of us hesitate or hold back? What is the secret to giving that leaves us feeling good about our efforts?

How do we define giving?

Here are some of the more common words associated with giving:

  • Commit
  • Entrust
  • Sacrifice
  • Consent
  • Pass on
  • Transfer
  • Bestow
  • Hand over
  • Communicate
  • Connect
  • Assign
  • Concede
  • Allow
  • Cause
  • Provide
  • Deliver
  • Pledge

Most of these words take a more positive spin. Here’s another way of looking at this list: most of these words are action words. Okay, then what if we looked at giving from a different perspective, making it less about “what” we give, and more about the action of giving itself.

What is giving? It is an act of empowerment, on the giver’s side. It sounds to me like the giver has already received something from their efforts, even before the the giving took place.

It’s a shame we have to hear anyone complain about “having to give”, or insist that they have a problem with what they receive in return. What are the misconceptions and short-comings these givers face?

  • Giving from an empty bucket: Try blowing out the candles on your cake without first taking a breath. It’s much more difficult, isn’t it? We really do need to take care of ourselves, first and foremost, both in thought and in action. 
  • Expecting more than they give in return: I think of this as agenda-giving, aka a forced event under the guise of giving, and turns out to be more like taking or demanding.
  • Thinking it has to be a like-for-like exchange, or person-to-person: Sometimes giving is simply treating people in a way that you want to be treated, and when you give from that perspective it’s given freely, without expectations. It’s funny, the more we give from a giving attitude, the more open and receptive we become, unconsciously, to receiving.

giving and receivingGiving and Receiving

Let’s go back to the title of this article: Giving and Receiving – and our sense of self.

Giving and receiving happens all the time on many levels. The act of breathing is giving and receiving. We exchange words with others, we give thought to our own ideas, and we can be receptive to the ideas of others.

Our own giving can be amplified by the energy we instill in it. What energy do you bring into what you offer to the world around you? Is it a sense of joy, sharing, or caring? Is it feeling a sense of duty, or an obligation?

I know that when I feel a sense of my own self that I am more willing and able to give my best to others. From that perspective everything I give also generates a greater inner strength. By being within your own sense of self, and giving from that place, the reward multiplies with everything you give.

By being within your own sense of self, and giving from that place, the reward multiplies with everything you give.

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