The Spiritual Impact of GMO

Is there any connection between GMO foods and spirituality? Is it possible to enhance our spiritual abilities through food, and if so, is it possible to negatively impact our ability to be “in the body”? What about our other abilities, do we take for granted what has been ours since the beginning of time?

The Spiritual Impact of GMO

Life. It isn’t just a physical thing. Our human experience is a combination of both body and spirit. What is body? It is physical mass, cells that relate to one another in a productive way. Body is also the mind and the emotions. Are we purely a body? No, there is something that animates that body, something that no one in this world can create or possess – the spirit.

What’s important in life? Our relationships, and our experience. Do we want that experience enriched with life-supporting energy?

Food and Energy

Why do we eat food? For the crispy texture of our fried chicken, the fruity (artificial) colors of our kid’s cereal? Is it the packaging, the sugar buzz, or the stimulated “energy” boost?

Food is energy, plain and simple. It’s not so simple as saying calories, we can fill ourselves with ample empty calories that are void of nutrition very easily these days. Does this support our body and our ability to live a happy, productive life? No, in fact empty calories can have a negative impact, using our limited minerals, vitamins and enzymes to process this pseudo food.

GMO corn in cerealThe Real Deal

Does this sound a bit extreme? It isn’t. Food should be food, energy and fuel for the body. The more the our food is tampered with the less our cells are able to relate to that food. The first concern should be the nutritional content of our food.

Now we see a second agenda on our tables. Genetically engineered cannot help but be handed down. Feed our animals GMO and then consume that animal? Guess what you just ate: a whopping serving of genetically engineered food.

Have you ever compared the difference between watching a sports game or concert on TV vs. seeing that event in person? What about talking to someone over the phone or through email vs. seeing their eyes, being able to reach out and touch them?

We want the real deal, so why would we setting for GMO foods? It’s proven that the invention and use of artificial fertilizers decreases the health of soil and the nutritional content in food. I remember hearing that spinach today has 40% less nutrition than 100 years ago, and that same decrease goes across the board in all foods. Eat more get less. It shouldn’t be that way.

The Intuitive Side of GMO

We can call it whatever we want. From an intuitive perspective the “kind of like” energy looks good, but does not support us. The effect starts on a cellular level, giving cells something that may appear real but cannot produce ATP energy. If our bodies are not healthy and full of energy, how will we express ourselves, create, share, or live?

We have every right to our health. For us to fulfill our dreams, make a contribution, and live our life to the fullest we need the right fuel, real food.

Want abundance? What foundation are you creating that can support abundance? Want happiness? That’s a high vibration of energy, can your body match that emotional vibration? It’s time we look at the integrity of our food, relationships, and actions, before it’s too late.

The Spiritual Impact of GMO © 2013 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava enjoys good food, healthy directions, and spiritually-enriching experiences, including sharing her love of Reiki Energy Healing.

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