Igniting Our Intuitive Independence

As the Fourth of July, Independence Day, looms on the horizon, our thoughts turn to holiday, family, and fun. We’ve earned our celebration, but our rights must be sustained. How do we fuel our independence, how do we retain our right to our freedom. It all begins within, with our intuitive independence.

The Star Spangled Banner was written as a poem by Francis Scott Key in 1814. The events it was based on are long since past, yet the words can continue to have meaning. It is a song about our past, and what we stand for. Intuitively it can be a song that speaks out about our own presence, and our place within our community.

intuitive independenceIntuitive Independence

Looking back at the words within the Star Spangled Banner from an intuitive, self-guided perspective, the words take on new meaning. Our independence will always be fueled by our own intuitive values and soul-directives.

Today we will look at only a few lines from the poem Star Spangled Banner:

O say can you see

What good is beauty if our eyes are not open? What values is there in love if our hearts are closed? We know all this, and yet have the opportunity each day to re-awaken, reconnect, and experience the beauty of live all over again. What we feel down to the core, within our soul, that creative flair within that bursts open like fireworks in the stillness of night, all this is meant to be shared. We have the yin and the yang, a complete cycle, when see we and we share with unbridled connectivity. O say, can you see?

by the dawn’s early light,

So many of our insights come to us in the twilight hours of the day. Why so? It is a time when we are transitioning our minds from the day to day world, turning inward. Bordering the time of our rest and restoration, our own twilight hours give us time to intuitively reflect, process, and choose. That is the core of freedom: the right to choose, and where does our choice begin? The origin of our choices begins intuitively, with our experience, within our own independent thought. This gives us the strength to stand beside what we believe in, and take action that supports our beliefs.

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

Any one of us can talk-the-talk, but it is within those times of adversity that we find the true depth of our strength. Our challenges are like that light that helps us see what we are truly capable of, how much our beliefs are integrated into our choices, and how deeply rooted is our love of life and liberty.

The events in this world today have stirred sadness in my mind, and it can be difficult to rise above so many conflicts, diversions, and lies. Yet I do not feel lost, for within moments a higher power is seen. Not the universe, not God, but my own presence, the one who is the conduit between the all-mighty and the moments of each day. There is no question in my mind that spirit will always prevail.

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Wishing you a safe and joy-filled Fourth of July holiday. May your moments be blessed with the company of many, and be infused with the essence of love, appreciation, and acceptance. I invite you to precede, and follow, your holiday festivities with a self-guided time to reflect and replenish, and own your own intuitive independence.

O say, can you see.. how much your own powerful inner-energy will always be your light and your inspiration? What are the colors of your own Intuitive Independence?

Igniting Our Intuitive Independence © 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Intuitive Meaning founder Estee Taschereau is a Perceptions Specialist™, guiding individuals into clarity and self-appreciation through individual Perception Sessions™. Sessions are by appointment, with sessions offered via phone or Skype.

photo credits: Estormiz

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