Supermoon June 23 2013

The full moon on June 23, 2013 is not just any full moon, it is what is now known as a supermoon or perigee moon. The term supermoon simply means that the moon will be closer to the earth than any other time in 2013. Does this have any effect on us, on the tide, or on our consciousness?

supermoon perigeeEbb and Flow with the Supermoon

How does the moon effect us? It has its impact on the tide, and when there is a supermoon the high tide is higher, and the low tide lower. What about the idea of lunacy, the impact on our minds with a full moon? Surely if this is a supermoon, closer than any other full moon of the year, it would have a greater impact.

The next super-supermoon will occur in August 2014, so if you are planning on testing the impact of the supermoon on consciousness, or sanity, this month’s perigee moon is your chance. According to NASA, a perigee moon is up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a “normal” moon. Bright from dusk to dawn, this supermoon will be a delight!

Gemstones and Perigee Full Moons

Legend has it that placing your gemstones in the light of a full moon is cleansing and re-vitalizing to those gemstones. Crystals can be re-charged as well by the light of the moon. Seems reasonable to think that this will be an extra-special night, either the 22nd or the 23rd, for a little crystal cleansing experience.

June 23 Supermoon

Will the dogs howl on this supermoon night? Will emergency rooms overflow? Or will this be just like any other night? What if we made this a week of awareness, choosing to heighten our awareness instead of waiting for life to happen to us?

This week is a great time to meditate, practice your mantras, pray, and turn your reiki energy up to the max. Take notes about your insights, write your questions, focus on your desires and passions. Fill your energy space with love, light, even the light of a super-super moon! Comments welcomed on your ideas!  Blessings, everyone.

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