Summer Solstice 2013 Living In The Light

It’s time for Summer Solstice 2013! This is the time of year with the longest light and shortest night. For some summer solstice is a time of celebration and play, with festivities that are pleasure-based. For others it’s a time to give thanks, being in gratitude, and expressing that sense of gratitude in prayer.

What about for the everyday life? What comes with the summer season? It’s a time to be more outward: creative, expressive. It’s also a time to be more outdoors, connected with nature, greater movement and growth.

summer solstice 2013 intuitive meaningSummer Solstice 2013 Astrology

What’s in the astrological forecast? On June 8th we had a new moon. The full moon in three days, on June 23, 2013, and focuses on a time for maturing and integrating. The next new moon is on July 8th.

This year’s summer solstice, June 20, 2013, carries the sun right into 0 degrees in the zodiac sign of cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon, thus the water, and is associated with the Mother and healing. If you are feeling sensitive, focused on feelings and family, that’s Cancer’s influence on our lives.

During a Cancer cycle there are many things you can do to maximize your efforts. Focus on deepening and nurturing your relationships. Create “quality time” in your relationships.

During Summer Solstice 2013, don’t forget nurturing yourself, taking enough time for inner reflection and self care. What we do for ourselves reflects into our relationships, work, and home life.

Making Summer Solstice 2013 a step in the right direction!

What activities can you enjoy at this time of inner focus? What about journaling, sharing your insights and inner impressions so that you can discover new intuitive meaning? You can focus on healing as well, using techniques like mantra prayers, EFT, Reiki energy healing, and crystal and gemstone healing.

Summer Solstice 2013 is a great time for initiating a new cycle of heightened consciousness, as opposed to winter when we’re inspired to hunker down, turn inward, bundle up, and weather the storm. I hope this summer is a joyful, fulfilling time for you! God bless, let your days be filled with great intuitive meaning.

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