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Many believe that Music is the voice of the soul. We have so many different ways to express ourselves in music, with instruments we have created to our own vocal abilities. Today we’ll focus on drums, likely the oldest musical instrument in this world. Drums were originally used to for long distance communication, and quickly transcended into a means of communicating with spirit, long distance indeed! Today we speak with John at Lotus Drum in Austin, Texas. Their drums are hand made, and instilled with the magic and wonder of soul that tantilates the senses. Here’s what we spoke about:

Interview with John at Lotus Drum

Intuitive Meaning: Where did Lotus Drum originate?

John: They originate here, in my barn/workshop located in Austin, TX. I build them all by hand, by myself. Painting, building, customer service, emails, marketing, tuning, packaging etc. are all parts of my workday. I’m a pretty busy character.

Intuitive Meaning: Lotus Drum, this is an intriguing name. They do look a bit like the lotus flower, a very sacred, honored flower. Is recognition of spirit a part of your drum making?

John: Definitely, I found the energy of the Lotus to be fitting to the fluid nature of the project. With every drum that I build, I experiment with forms of expansion and further the evolution of the instrument. Building also challenges me personally and furthers my own evolution of character by allowing me to push would-be boundaries or limitations to their perceived limits and realize that there are no limits. With perseverance and dedication, anything is possible. Who knows where these drums will take me.

Intuitive Meaning: Are Lotus Drums easy to play?

John: Yes, with either practice or an already established sense of melodic percussion.

Intuitive Meaning: Can you give us a few tips on Lotus Drum playing techniques?

John: When it comes to a beginner, someone who has never played any type of drum, I recommend trying out some soft xylophone mallets. The daring or experienced can follow this simple technique; use the thumbs and whip your wrist on the low notes, and use the index fingers on the highs. Basically, you want to image the surface as being 800 degrees and get your finger off of it as soon as possible, a light and quick touch is all that is needed. Act like it’s a hot stove and you should be fine 🙂

Intuitive Meaning: I’ve seen your video’s, the sound is mesmerizing, calming yet inspiring. I could easily see the Lotus Drum as a tool for healing and meditation teachers, and individuals who want a sound-guided meditation tool. Thanks! Love your work!

Love the reference to the Lotus and water, the fluidity of music. What a wonderful world we live in, one filled with opportunity for expression and new experience. Thanks for sharing your amazing drums with our readers, John! Check out the many creative drums at

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