Why Does Fear and Anxiety Linger?

Why Does Fear and Anxiety Linger? Fear is an interesting physical response. What purpose does fear serve? It causes discomfort, enough to get our attention, telling us that we don’t really like what is happening around us. That works well in a primitive environment, a world with lions and tigers and bears, oh my. What about in our present day world? How often are we faced with a real-time physical threat? Not nearly as often. But fear still exists, in thoughts, emotions, and even in our entertainment.

Does fear serve us? Yes, everything in our lives can be viewed as something that serves us. Sometimes we have to dig deep or take an abstract viewpoint to find the value, but the value is there. Fear can consume as well, taking a great deal of energy from us that could be used for our productivity or creative endeavors.

Why Does Fear and Anxiety LingerThe Energetics of Fear

A quote found in Thought-Forms, by Annie Bensant and C.W. Leadbeater, published in 1901:
“It is noteworthy that all the crescents to the right hand, which must obviously have been those expelled earliest, show nothing but the livid grey of fear; but a moment later the man is already partially recovering from the shock, and beginning to feel angry that he allowed himself to be startled. This is shown by the fact that the later crescents are lined with scarlet, evidencing the mingling of anger and fear, while the last crescent is pure scarlet, telling us that even already the fright is entirely overcome, and only the annoyance remains.”

Why Does Fear Linger?

“Only the annoyance remains.” I totally agree with the above quote. In the Perception Sessions I’ve offered for 30+ years I have seen the emotional response associated with confrontations, even accidents, to be the limiting factor. It is the annoyance, that feeling that something could throw us off track, or take away our power, that lingers long beyond the actual damage. Many sessions consist of guiding my clients back into a state of self acceptance, releasing resistance. This is the power of finding intuitive meaning, realizing that our world is here to serve us, and that we can serve the world.

Fear is a natural response, causing a cascade of physical changes that are meant to protect us. Digestion slows, adrenaline soars, and muscles are readied to either fight or run away. It takes a little time for this surge of energy to burn off.

Intuitive Meaning Tip # 1: What should you do when something sets off your fear response, or your stress level rises? My recommendation is that when faced with stress, anger, or fear, to take a walk. Take the stairs, give your body the support to burn off the adrenaline. This is a great support for the physical body. Remaining still when your body is filled with adrenaline has an acidic effect. In the acid vs. alkaline scale, illness such as cancer is found in an acidic body, not in an alkaline system. Take care please, the world needs you.

Taking care of the physical doesn’t always fix the problem. Sometimes the fear lingers, or other emotional responses. It could be anger as described in the earlier quote. A memory could have been triggered that makes you feel weakened, less-than, or confused. Fear will remain so long as we feel scattered.

Intuitive Meaning Tip #2: How do we get past that scattered feeling? Working out the adrenaline, that “push past it” feeling, helps. Facing our emotional response helps, too, letting go of our resistance and self doubt. How do we let go of stuck energy? Thoughts of forgiveness, breathing, turning inward. 

When we look at fear from the viewpoint of fear being our ally, the role of fear in itself may change. Fear is a warning, no question about it. Fear can also be indicator of internal conditions, letting us know that there is something in our own thoughts and beliefs that can cause that fight or flight rush of energy.

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