Be Careful What You Pray For

There’s an expression, “Be careful what you pray for, you might get it”. These wise words have proven themselves over and over, To see the power of those words we need to take a closer look at what we ask for, and what we are willing to go through to get the desired results.

The act of praying – ask and receive

Asking is a powerful tool but one that few of us have yet to fully master. In a given day we can ask for something out of, love and soul-passion, or we can ask out of defense and reactiveness. In reality, is it something we truly want?

Consider the scenario of someone rudely intruding in your life and criticizing without permission. Which would you do?  Imagine if you turn to them and say it is none of their business, and they lash out telling you what a piece of crap you are. You respond by saying “Why don’t you just drop dead?”. Is it truly our intent that they take their last breath and fall to the ground before us? No, not at all, what we really want is for them to be something other than agressive, mean, and rude. We want them to be in alliance with us, if that could be at all possible at this point.

be careful what you pray for you may get it

The Infancy of our Creative Expression

We’ve yet to fully embrace our own feelings and thoughts, and be fully conscious of our actions. This is not to say we are less then, or flawed in any way, after all, to err is human, to forgive is divine.

The point of this discussion is to recognize that we say and think things without consideration or full ownership, and luckily those frivolous thoughts lose momentum long before they can become an un-erasable part of our reality. “Be careful what you pray for” is a chance to be more mindful, for thought turned into action isn’t always conscious.

Be careful what you pray for, you may get it

You may ask for change, but how do you ask for it? What are you willing to give? Are you prepared to accept as the results?

Consider what we do when we think something like, “I really don’t like my job, I so want to get out of here”. What if your thought could produce the change you just thought of, how would it happen? Would you be laid off or fired? Would you leave because you had a great job offer that came out of the blue? Or would you leave because your partner had a better offer in a different part of the country? What about winning the lottery, I know a lot of people dream of this outcome and the scene they would create when they walk into the boss’s office to share the news. If you were to think, “I want to leave my job”, imagine how many ways that could happen, conscious or not.

Owning Our Own Change

For most of us we don’t just snap our fingers and suddenly have a commanding understanding of our thoughts and the potential outcome of our prayers. This awareness is something that we cultivate, much like a garden, and over time that awareness grows stronger and more productive.

Little by little, step by step.

One of the greatest tools we have for creating what we want in life is shift our attention from what we don’t want and turn our attention to what we do want. Decide the outcome, and if that is not possible or feasible at this time at least hold the thought that the change be for the best with little trauma or drama.

Tip #2 to creating what you want through your prayers: set the intent that you will not just get what is best for you but that you will recognize the results and your creative influence on that outcome. Then acknowledge what you have asked for, be happy with the results, and challenge yourself to succeed once more in your next prayer.

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