The Real Meaning of Prayer

It’s an interesting thought to ponder: what is the real meaning of prayer? How did we evolve in our thought processes, those many centuries ago, learning how to put our hands together, and transform our thoughts into desires? When did we realize that we could ask for something that we wanted in our life, and believe that it could happen?

the real meaning of prayerPrayer and Transformation

It’s a big question to ask: what is the real meaning of prayer?

Is praying “giving away our power”, or is it an act that puts the responsibility in someone else’s hands? That question is not so easy to answer. What if we were to look at prayer from a different perspective? What about the steps along the way, and the making of a prayer?

Prayers can be just about anything. They can be like talking to our best friend, sharing our day. They can be a celebration of our life, a time to state how grateful we are. Prayers can also be a time when we think things through, in a way that gives us a different perspective.

For us to pray about something is in itself an amazing thing. It is a demonstration that we are creative and powerful individuals. That’s right, creative, powerful, and self motivated. We make the choice to think, or rethink, the events in our life. It is within that we decide what we appreciate, and what we don’t. We also make the choice to be grateful, or ask for something different.

The Meaning of Prayer

Let’s take a little twist here, in our question: what is the real meaning of prayer? Is it important to us today to know the origin, how the act of prayer came about? Do we need to break it down to the nano particle, study the science of the universe? Not really.

We can be thankful for our ability to think, reason, explore, revise, and ask. It’s a blessing, so to speak, that we can have prayer as a transformational tool in our lives.

Prayer can be an amazing healing experience

Simply reciting the Lords Prayer can create an energy shift from fear or doubt into a more safe, sacred space.

Healing Through Prayer

Prayer can also be a time when we look at our life relationally, letting go of the tight grip of our mental self, or releasing the emotion that we’ve held within. What great power we have within, to create such a transformation. From this perspective, I’d say that by the time we reach that point of putting our hands together and speaking our words of prayer, we’ve already done so much. This is something to rejoice.

What is the real meaning of prayer?

It is everything we have, all that we think and do, and a time for transformation. It can be a springboard, the point of transition, or a parting of ways. Prayer is so much more than that time we put our hands together and turn within, it is everything that has been, and everything that can be. Amen.

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Image: Betende Hände. Artist: Otto Greiner (1869–1916)

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