Is My First Impression Intuitive?

Are first impressions something intuitive? By definition, impressions are made without conscious thought. First impressions can be a combination of gut-level feeling, opinion, or an idea. It’s said that the first impression is the most important. It can be difficult to change a first impression, for our minds will always weigh and measure, comparing today’s impressions with prior knowledge.

first impressionAre first impressions reality?

Looking back at the origin of the word impression and the similar word impress, there is a molding and forcefulness involved. It’s intentional. Of course this definition applied to things like the impressions created for book printing.

Today, impressions are made in dentistry when a tooth is replaced with a crown. In that case, making the right impression is important to maintain a good relationship between teeth.

First Impressions and Relationships

Maintaining a good relationship, isn’t that the key? We can go out of our way to create a good first impression, but can we sustain that image? Those in public view, whether it’s a CEO, politician, or celebrity, often hire trained professionals to maintain a certain image. But in our personal relationships that’s a different thing. How much integrity is shared between our first impression and our actions that follow?

People can feel the difference. When there is something off-balance between impressions and behaviors they feel it. They may not be consciously aware, but consciousness is not a requirement for a gut level feeling or intuitive perception. We still use our intuitive perceptions whether we know it or not.

Making your first impression count

First impressions can be challenging. We don’t have full control over our first impressions. Each of us mix in threads of experiences from other parts of our life for comparison and measuring value. We do have control over our own inner integrity. We decide how reserved we are, or how much we show to others of our passion, power and ownership of our life.

What counts more than any outside first impression is our own belief in ourself, and our willingness to stand by our beliefs through our thoughts and actions. Talk about a powerful impression! The question was asked, is my first impression intuitive? Thinking about where it originates, I’d say the answer is a resounding yes.

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