After Earth Day Does Earth Still Have Meaning?

It’s common to see Earth Day activities in schools, bringing awareness of protecting the earth to the attention of grade school children. Where do we go from there? Is the life of convenience and the attitude of entitlement causing an imbalance in the world?

Sometime in the month of April there is a day designated as Earth Day. The date varies by state, but the concept behind the day is the same. During this time there is emphasis on recycling, ecologically sound construction, and innovation for clean water and other life-friendly ideas.

earth day four leaf cloversEarth Day All For One, One For All

Just a day ago I was gifted with two four-leaf clovers. In my eyes the four leaf clover is a simple representation of the wonder of this world. A spiritual associate of mine called it the unity of the seasons, and our calling to care for the earth. For me the four-leaf clover also speaks out: “I Believe In You“, and this message should go both directions.

Even with our reasoning and logical ways there is still a part of us that believes in the magic of life. What can we gain from this wondrous perspective? Enthusiasm, appreciation, encouragement, and connectivity, to name a few of the powerful energies that we can use in our everyday world. We should be grateful for what has been given to us. We should continue to marvel at our own reawakening that can be inspired most every day.

Connectivity – remember that great quote from the Three Musketeers? “All for one, and one for all”. What a great quote to apply to our appreciation and care of earth. After all, where would we be without this life-giving planet?

Everyday: “How Can I Help?”

Just Say No – there is a powerful movement in the world today for control over every resource available to us. That means our food, water, even our air and the ground we stand on. This is a far-cry from the beliefs of many native cultures who maintained a belief that the land does not belong to us, but we are here to care for the earth. Earth Day is a great day to adopt this belief that the world is here for everyone, and we all have a right to receive the life-giving elements of the earth without corporate or government intervention.

We have every right to a personal one-to-one relationship with the earth, the source of our physical life and life-sustaining resources. This means clean water, real food that is free of GMO tampering, fillers, and chemicals that disrupt our physical health.

On Earth Day and every day we can make this statement: let no man, no government or corporation, interfere with our “family”: father heaven, mother earth.  We are the miracle created by Father Heaven and Mother Earth. Aho.

After Earth Day does it still have meaning, or is it just “old news”? Let us individually and collectively decide.

After Earth Day Does It Still Have Meaning?  © 2013Kavi Saphala,
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