Fulfillment and Intuitive Intentions

The word fulfillment isn’t commonly used these days, at least not for our inner purposes or setting our intuitive intentions. It’s use is in a business sense, talking about fulfilling an order. Okay, that makes sense: you want something, you order it. Ordering sets the intent, fulfillment brings it to you.

Is business fulfillment seen using the law of attraction? No, it’s standard business, exchanging money for services or goods. What’s a popular focus when it comes to fulfillment? Getting the best deal, giving less but getting more. For many people getting something is really exciting. You can see their eyes light up when they talk about how they were able to get the best. There is more to gain than just the best deal, such as personal fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction.

intuitive intentionsThe Meaning of Fulfillment and Intuitive Intentions

The definition of fulfillment has many layers. We can combine an inner value and very strong intuitive abilities with the power of intuitive intentions. It delves into the law of attraction as well as the balance between giving and receiving. All that in the word fulfillment? Yes indeed.

Let’s talk first about achievement and intuitive intentions. Is achievement something random? No, it’s strongly tied to planning, and taking action. We don’t attract first place, we take first place, right? Intentions seems to be much more etheric and softer, especially when we combine it with intuitive attributes.

What if we combine these two forces, the willfulness of achievement with the internal, intuitive energy of intention? Why not bring together your business sense with your insightful senses?

Let’s try a simple Intuitive Intentions Meditation

We’ll start by shifting our focus inward and changing the frequency of our mind ever so slightly. Why take these steps? Our goal is to be aware of our full spectrum of creativity and being-ness, not just the single slice of expectations and control that comes with our mental focus.

Allow your thinking mind to take a rest, and your thoughts to be silent, at least for a minute. Ask yourself: What do I want? Let the answer come to you in vision, feeling, emotion, concept, or any of the many ways we interpret our life.

This opens the door to new ideas. It also gives you greater opportunity to discover subtle thoughts that have been influencing your actions, giving you the chance to unravel stopping points and misdirecting beliefs that no longer help you achieve your goals.

Take a few minutes to focus on what you want, and also why you want it. We can have more than one reason, in fact the more reasons we have the more sources of energy we have to create whatever it is we desire.

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