When Is The First Day Of Spring?

Are you ready for it, for spring to arrive? When is the first day of spring? This threshold, the day we call the first day of spring is typically around the 21st of March. In the year 2013 we might be considered lucky to have spring begin a day earlier, on March 20, 2013.  So why talk about the first day of spring now?

When is the first day of spring?

It depends on who you ask! Meteorologists measure by temperature, and group the seasons into months, which means that spring is March, April and May. Of course there is variance depending on where you live.

How do we measure on our calendar system? It isn’t really grouped logically, but then we haven’t perfected our measure of time, either. That’s why we have leap years, and that doesn’t totally fix the awkward, less than perfect, measure of time.

Let’s turn instead to the moon cycles. 13 per year. Hmmm, we’re on a 12 month calendar? Okay what about the length of the day. That means that winter begins on the shortest daylight day, and summer on the longest daylight day. Spring and fall start on the mid points, the days of equal length of night and day. These are called the equinox, or “equal light”. This year the equinox is on March 20th. I’m ready!

Now, if you turn to science, there is one thing for sure: science loves to disprove just as much as they love to prove that anything is accurate. Take, for example, the meaning of equinox: equal day and night. Come on National Geographic guys, do you really have to complicate it?

hummingbird sign of spring

Are you ready for spring?

People are preparers, anticipators, and optimists, at least some of us are. We like to know what is coming so we can be ready. And so comes question #1: Ready for what? How do you react to the idea of spring?

When is the first day of spring? Maybe it’s when the trees start budding and the crocuses bloom. Or, it could be the arrival of the hummingbirds. Count the days, if you will, but feelings count, too.

I don’t know about you, but when I turn my attention to spring I feel a sense of excitement. Given a focal point, I’d say it’s mostly in my heart, but also in the solar plexus, meaning I’m ready to take action. This is my version of intuitive meaning, focusing on something in the “world” and sensing what it means to me. We all have our own way to measure the world, and determine what is special.

Happy spring, whenever that day happens to occur. For you, when is the first day of spring?

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