Wolf Moon January 2013

What can we celebrate this week? What about the wolf moon on Saturday, January 26? Celebrate a full moon? Why not! You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain. Share with me a few minutes to talk about cycles and seasons, and the most natural expression that this world has to offer.

Full Moons and Cycles

One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is our ability to study the world around us, and create an intuitive meaning. Does that intuitive meaning mean “a bunch of facts”? No, intuitive meaning takes it much deeper, delving into what it means to you, individually. It is also how you associate events, like a full moon, or the changing of the season, to your people and the experiences you share. It is also filled with your likes, desires, hopes, and dreams, and how you invest your energy.

What does a full moon do for us? The effects are subtle, but there is an energetic charge shared by the relationship of sun, earth and moon. The moon cycle, 28 days, has long been a truly measurable marker for this planet. Yes, it’s old, and there are a lot of fun things that are more likely to get our attention than a full moon, but you won’t find anything else more real and reliable.

Wolf Moon January 2013

The wolf moon is also known as the ice moon, and each full month of the year has it’s own name. Those names bring us back to the idea of intuitive meaning. They are ways to relate all the different things happening. Right here we show how amazing we are, that we can create associations, that we have a vast intuitive power in our ability to relate.

wolf moon

Wolf Moon Meditation

Should the full moon this week called the wolf moon be cause for celebration? Why not? What does the moon have to offer? On the day of the wolf moon the moon is at it’s brightest. All that light doesn’t just stick to the moon, absorbed into that big rock, it is reflected. Take a moment and reflect as well. It’s about being receptive to the light offered to us. It is about being reflective, and that goes both ways, letting it seep deep within us as well as reflect to others. Open up your heart with a smile, and share that feeling of happiness with others.

Have a wonderful Wolf Moon weekend.

Wolf Moon January 2013 © 2013 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava enjoys good food, healthy directions, and spiritually-enriching experiences, including sharing her love of Reiki Energy Healing.

Artwork: Originally from Colum, Padraic (1920). The Children of Odin. New York: The Macmillan Company. Illustrated by Willy Pogany.

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