Writing A Journal For Deep Healing Effect

One of the many tools that can make a difference in the evolution of your own thoughts and life events is writing in your journal. I always recommend associating a journal with preparation for a counseling session.  Within these sessions we uncover quite a lot of information, and show the connection between life experiences and soul-felt passions to help you see from a different perspective.

If you want to strengthen your own ability to focus in a visionary way it’s helpful to go back over those notes from before your session and well as the notes you took during your session. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

writing a journalUsing your journal as a healing tool

When’s the best time to journal? It depends what you’re seeking out of your journaling experience.

If your journal is a healing tool you can write in your journal in the evening to help you process your day and release energies accumulated through the day. Actually, as a healing tool you can journal just about any time of the day.

What’s most important is not time but energy, having a space where you feel safe and comfortable. When we process, healing ourselves, our usual sense of containment shifts away from our typical guarded self. When we feel relaxed we open our aura and chakras more, allowing in energies that support and heal and release energies that do not help us.

When is the Best Time to Journal? © 2012 Estee Taschereau.

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