Insights into the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar and 2012

The Mayans had many calendars, including astrology. The Tzolkin is the most spiritual, and still honored to this day. The Tzolkin calendar also ends in 2012, and many speculate the meaning of this upcoming “ending” in 2012.

The Tzolkin calendar consists of two wheels, turning together. There is a larger wheel with 20 glyphs or pictures that symbolize what the ancients may have seen as powers or gods, but I see them as the qualities of empowerment we have available in our lives.

mayan calendarMayan and Mankind – Any Connection?

How could there be any correlation between a god and a quality or virtue? If we take the perspective of someone who lived thousands of years ago, those people were learning many of the basic concepts of living with consciousness in the physical world. In many ways we’re still learning this today, to recognize our own abilities.

The smaller wheel is the number wheel, 1 through 13. Why 13 numbers and not our ten-based system? The Mayans believed the number 13 to be very magical. I see the numbers 11-13 as the doorway to our next step, the evolution of the soul in this physical realm. What better reason to be where we are, create and experience, its all about our spiritual evolution.

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