How To Make The Holidays A Time of Healing

holiday seasonThe Holiday Season is an opportunity to bring more light into the darker days of winter. We have the jack o’lantern glowing in the darkness as a start of the festive days scattered across the fall and early winter. There is so much we can do with taste and colorful decorations, but we can do so much more. What about setting the tone for this holiday season, and even more, what about turning this time into a time of holiday healing?

Making the Holidays a Time of Healing

One of the best methods of healing, giving and growing during the holiday seasons is to first bring focus to what you give and what you get. Let’s do a little holiday planning, just for fun.

We start by asking questions:

  • What do you want this holiday season? Rest? Reconnecting with friends from days gone by? Getting to spend time with your kids, or your spouse? Having a chance to paint your office, or clean out the closet? Let’s be real, there are so many ways we can take this break from our typical time. Write down five things you want this holiday season, things you don’t always get in everyday life. For me, having a great slice of pumpkin pie, it’s not an everyday choice, but very satisfying.
  • What steps can you make to get what you asked for? This is your opportunity to be proactive.
  • How do you want to feel? Appreciated? Loved? Happy? Joyful? Grateful? Write it down!
  • Take a few minutes, right now, to have one of those feelings. Put your imagination to work. Go directly to the source, without any misdirections, without standing on the pathway to what you want, seeing it future, always a step away. Simply be fully loved, 100% appreciated, and notice how it feels. Let yourself have it, all around you, deep down into every cell of your body. Notice any obstacle that comes up, but don’t let those thoughts take over, instead transfer those thoughts just outside your circle of good-feelings.
  • This isn’t something to practice, it’s something to do, have, enjoy, and savor. The residual will flow into your everyday world to help you get what you want, just like the deep breath you take gives you the power to blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

We all want something, and the holiday seasons are a time we’ve trained ourselves to use as a placeholder for both reflection and self. It’s the season of giving, and also receiving. Let’s make this a glorious holiday season by setting the tone and making it happen from the inside out.

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