The Intuitive Meaning of the Rose

What a thing of beauty, the rose. Poetry abounds about this most blessed of flowers. The gifting of this flower, in its many colors, has transcended beyond tradition. What is so special about the rose, does the rose carry intuitive meaning?

meaning of a rose
“The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them. And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice even with joy and singing.”

What, if any, is the intuitive meaning of the rose?

Symbolically the rose carries spiritual values and meaning, saying far more with silence than with words.

History of the Rose

Many cultures have used the rose as a symbol throughout the ages. The island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea had numerous coins in their ancient times with images of roses. Modern day egyptian money contains many rose symbols.

The Rose was once called the flower of Venus, consecrated by Cupid to Harpocratei, the God of silence. Soon it became custom to place a Rose in the rooms where they met for pleasure, so intimate with the assurance that they might put aside all constraint and speak what they pleased, and so the Rose became a symbol of silence.

Can you keep a secret? Word is that what was said “under the rose” was private and secret, and not to be shared.

The Rose, symbolically, was also said to represent the life of man, so strongly tied to the momentary awareness, and fickle state of man’s life, the frailty and inconstancy of life. We are no sooner born into the world, but we presently begin to leave it.

The Intuitive Meaning of the Rose in Spirituality

The rose is used as a symbol of spiritual values and purpose by many spiritually focused teachers and individuals. The lotus flower is also held in high esteem, with symbolic use throughout eastern spiritual teaches and legends. Some thing the rose and the lotus are interchangable.

In a Peruvian meditation and gratitude ceremony I attended I was pleasantly surprised to here the shaman leader use the symbol of the rose as a method of creating sacred personal space in a peaceful way.

Energy of the Rose

There is no doubt that the rose is more than just good looks or an entrancing aroma. A healthy human body is in the range of 68-72 Hz, and when that frequency drops to 58 Hz it signifies illness. The rose is 320 Hz, much higher than the frequency of the human body. There is no doubt that the rose holds a magical place in our world, enduring the test of time. The rose holds an intuitive meaning that speaks of love, compassion, healing, holding sacred, and much more. We could read volumes on this delicate expression of nature, but it is much more pleasant to simply enjoy the fragrance and beauty of the rose.

Your Personal Meaning of the Rose

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Special Rose readings are a wonderful look at your spiritual self expression and interactivity with the world. The amazing energy of the rose is instilled in your reading, with the spirit of compassion and acceptance, individuality and unique divine presence. Call to schedule your Rose Reading today by phone or skype!!

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