Perception and the Light of the Moon

Are you one of those people who find delight in seeing the light of the moon in its phases, peaking through the clouds and drifting across our sky? The moon itself never really changes, for it is captive in its orbit around the earth. But our perception of the moon, or more accurately the light of the moon, that’s what changes. Perception, how we see things, and our interpretation, that’s what gives us the depth of Intuitive Meaning.

The Light of the Moon and Perception

One evening I looked out the window to see the moon nestled in a nest of clouds, peaking out from behind its curtain. Just above was clear skies, and in my perception this nearly-clear sky contributed to the dramatic dip in temperature once the sun had set. It was not long before the moon left the comfort of the low-hanging clouds, rising higher with every minute that passed. This partial moon in itself was simple. What made this moon spectacular was the halo around it, an aura of light that made the stars pale in comparison.

Does the moon itself have an aura? Not at all, at least not as our eyes can see. Up close it appears to be cold, plain, barren. Yet we gaze up into the sky, write stories of this orbiting clump of rock and dust. From our perception we see not just the simple presence of the moon but also the alliance between sun, moon, and earth. We see reflection, and the halo created as that already diluted reflective light reaches through our atmosphere.

The Aura of Perception in our Lives

Perception is a wonderful thing, but it is also a double edge sword. We can fall in love with the perception that someone loves us back. We can turn our back on a long-time friend if we choose to adopt a perception that they no longer stand up for us.

As we look into the mirror, or turn to others in our life, what do we see? Do we look only through the eyes of the physical, seeing the contours of the face, the blemishes and imperfections? Or do we see ourselves and others through our perceptions, giving color to our world through our emotions and experiences?

light of the moonWe Live Within An Aura of Light

We live within an aura of light. Some are able or willing to see this light, by chance or by choice. Those who perceive the aura may see colors and even images in this subtle life energy field. Others feel this aura of energy, appreciating its warmth or giving that energy field ample “space”.

There is a difference between our perception of an aura surrounding the moon and the aura around a living body, but they both have something in common. The halo of light we see around the moon is no where near the moon itself, it is in our atmosphere. But that halo would never been created without the light reflected from the moon, and that reflected light would not exist without the ever-burning sun.

The aura of energy that surrounds us is only a part of who we are. We speak of this aura of energy in so many ways, speaking of someone who radiates love, or has a air of confidence. This halo of energy, the aura that surrounds us, is one part of the reflection of spirit that turns the carbon and chemicals that make up the human body into something animated and alive.

In the Light of the Moon

When do we ever see the light of the moon better than in the darkness?

As we look out the window and see what we can in the darkness of night, we can see the impression of stars so distant that it is hard to fathom that they are many light years away. We do not see the clouds on their own, only the impact of light against moisture in the sky. As for the moon, how much do we really “see” other than the reflection of light and shadow? Still, we marvel at the beauty of the moon, giving no thought to how much credit for this display can be given to the moon itself. Perhaps we look into the mirror with the same collective thought, seeing ourselves not so much as our simple presence, but as the collection of what we know, see, and reflect to the world around us.

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