Creating A Simple Numerology Chart

Numerology is a branch of knowledge that uses numbers to find meaning in a name. How does it work? It’s very simple. Every letter of the alphabet has a numeric value from 1 to 9.  Simply find the number associated with each letter in a name, then add those numbers together, and you have the numerology value for that name. In this article we’ll create a simple numerology chart, and explore the meaning of the 9 numerology numbers.

simple numerologyMaking a Simple Numerology Chart

Let’s start by making a simple numerology chart. You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Write the numbers 1 through 9 spaced out across the page. On the next line down write the first nine letters of the alphabet, one letter under each number. Move down to the next line and write the next nine numbers in the alphabet, and so on. You’ll see that the letter E is below the number 5, and the letter S is below the number 1.

The simplest method of numerology is to write down the number value of each letter in a name, then add up the numbers. If your total is over 9, which it likely is, then just break that number into individual numbers, and add those numbers together. For example, 10 would be 1 and 0, and 1 and 0 add up to 1. The total 36 would break down to 3 and 6, and when you add those numbers together you get a new total of 9.

Once you’ve used your simple numerology chart to help you find the number values, and you’ve added the numbers together enough to come up with a single digit number.. What do the numbers mean?

Numerology Meaning

  • 1 – Able or intent on acting solo. Able (or challenged) by new beginnings, starting a project, beginning a relationship.
  • 2 – Relationship oriented, from a distance. Able to compare and also compete.
  • 3 – Able to connect, true relationship (not you or me, but us), result oriented.
  • 4 – Able to find or restore balance. Very in-tuned with cycles. In tuned with nature, steady.
  • 5 – Visionary, willing to look beyond what is on the surface. Spiritual pursuit and questions.
  • 6 – Seeks and offers community, protection, making sense of things.
  •  7 – Intuitive, focused on meaning. Desires understanding, knowledge.  Seeks purpose.
  • 8 – Focus on money and power, status, material possessions. Practical.
  • 9 – Spiritually driven, giving, selfless, creative and expressive.

Creating A Simple Numerology Chart © 2012 Kavi Saphala. About the author: Kavi enjoys sharing simple ideas and tools that lead to self awareness and personal growth.

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